7 Common Kitchen Problems to Fix ASAP

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Kitchens are the heart of every home. You prepare delicious food in your kitchen and take care of everyone’s preferences and choices. But kitchens are also the most germ-prone area of a house. Shouldn’t you also take care of its complete hygiene and sanitization? Germs breeding in a kitchen can easily make your family members sick. Here we have listed some of the common kitchen problems, their repercussions on health and aesthetics and their solutions.

Kitchen Problems - pFOkUS products

List of Common Everyday Kitchen Problems and their Solutions:

Dirty Tile and Grout:

Walls, floors and countertops’ tile and grout constantly get dirty because of their porosity. Food and beverage stains, oil spills and citrus or acidic leaks from fruits and beverages lead to staining and etching on the surface. These stains get deep-rooted in stone surfaces. There are many cleaners available on the market, but not all give satisfactory results. Such cleaners are unable to perform deep-rooted cleaning, and they only remove the superficial dirt and stains on the surface. If you have installed a stone kitchen sink, you may face mold, staining and germ breeding in the corners.


pFOkUS has an expertise in tackling floor and grout problems. We recommend you to use our powerful floor tile grout cleaner – Imperia Deep Clean, the one and only solution for cleaning dirty tile, grout and kitchen sinks. Imperia Deep Clean is a deep-penetrating cleaner, which enters into the pores of tile and grout and eliminates stains and mold at the root level. It has an alkaline foundation and hence does not cause any etching on the surface like other acidic cleaners. It delivers a tough action against the germs and stains, while being gentle on the tile and grout.


Chipped or Missing Grout and Tile:

Cracks and chips in your wall, floor or countertop tile is a common kitchen problem. Rough use, heavy furniture and other sharp objects in a kitchen often lead to wear and tear of tile. Sometimes, cracks develop due to heavy impact of furniture or refrigerators. Similarly, grout also goes missing or gets cracked. If you ignore these chips and cracks, they may hurt anyone walking barefoot. They also tend to accumulate water in their crevices, leading to germ and mold breeding.


While restoring cracks and chips, you need to use a good quality adhesive or filler such as Sentura – a two part pigmented solvent based flexible epoxy/resin. It can be shaded in more than 40 colors to match your surface color as close as possible. It delivers a lush natural look and also protects the surface from bacteria. Sentura is non-porous and hence there is no further problem of dense stains or mold.



Efflorescence, which is the residue of calcium and mineral deposits originated due to masonry, often leaves a white powdery deposit on the tile and grout. If the flooring was not installed properly, you may face this issue. This efflorescence leaves a nasty white mark on the kitchen flooring and also clogs the drains at times.


You can clean this efflorescence with Zido chemical from pFOkUS. This deep-action chemical works on the tough bonds of minerals, loosens them and helps to easily get rid of this build-up, leaving a sparkling tile and grout beneath.


Recurrent Grout Staining:

Another common kitchen problem is recurring stains and mold. If you have just cleaned your grout, you cannot guarantee that stains will not form again. Recurrent staining, discoloration and deterioration of grout is evident because it is a porous substance.


The only way to keep your grout lines intact is to deep clean them with Imperia Deep Clean, repair the cracks with Sentura and then to seal them with Caponi. It is a pigmented grout sealing system that is built on a rock-solid 2-part solvent titanium resin/epoxy foundation. Caponi is available in more than 40 color options. With so many options, you can easily match your grout lines with your tile surface. Once your grout lines have been sealed with Caponi, they will remain beautiful and intact forever. It does not appear bulky and because of its titanium foundation, seals the grout in just one coating.


Recurrent Tile Staining:

Even if you have deep-cleaned your natural stone tile once, there is no guarantee that stains will not form again. Just like grout, you need to seal your tile too.


Celine is a topical solvent based epoxy/resin tile sealer that creates a waterproof barrier on the tile. It prevents further moisture absorption, thereby protecting your tile from further stains or mold.


Scratches and Dullness on Tile:

Often your countertops develop scratches because of fruits and vegetable cutting and chopping. Scratches may also occur on your floor tile because of sharp impact. It may also appear in your wall tile while installing your kitchen gadgets. These crevices further accumulate dirt and germs and turn dull or yellowish over time.


Polishing floor or countertop tile with Celine can remove most of these scratches and it can also restore the lost sheen.

Daily Maintenance of Tile and Grout:

Even if you have deep-cleaned and sealed your tile and grout, ,you cannot prevent the daily superficial dirt or stains settling on the surface. These kitchen problems ruin the appearance of your kitchens and also the aesthetics.


You can use Imperia Maintenance Cleaner or Valore Maintenance cleaner for light daily cleaning and maintaining. Valore Maintenance is infused with 6.97% of H2O2 at the molecular level, making it a stronger disinfectant and maintenance cleaner.


These above were the common floor tile problems in a kitchen. All these products from pFOkUS have been manufactured after years of research in the laboratories. Our products deliver power-packed performances and reliable results. D’Sapone – one of the leading restoration service providers only relies upon our products for their services.


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