Absolute Care of Corian Countertops – Cleaning, Sealing and Maintenance

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Corian is a breakthrough discovery in stones used for countertops, sinks, and backsplashes. This engineered stone was first manufactured by DuPont. It looks similar to Quartz but has some different features. Like every stone tile, this one needs some basic care and maintenance as well. pFOkUS products are ideal for the absolute care – cleaning, sealing, and polishing of Corian countertops.

Corian Countertops - Cleaning, Sealing and Maintenance

Features of Corian Stone:

  • It is an engineered stone that has a higher ratio of acrylic polymers including 33% resin and 66% natural materials. This stone is engineered by pouring a heated mix of materials into molds and then creating solid sheets as its cools. It instantly became a hit after its introduction in the 70s and 80s.
  • It is a versatile stone as you can easily mold it into any shape with minimal seams and sections.
  • The color and design of this stone is more consistent than Granite, and so, you get more options to customize the designs to get a more uniform look.
  • It also appears more matte-like, less vibrant and is softer to touch.
  • The major downside of this stone is that it is prone to scratches and can get dull over time.
  • This stone is also weaker than Quartz or granite and hence more susceptible to chemical damage by acidic cleaners.
  • It is not quite a heat resistant and should not be ideally installed in the kitchen.
  • As this stone is cheaper than most other natural stones, it is a good choice for budget-friendly homes.
  • It is an ideal choice for countertops in your living rooms, bedrooms, and kids’ rooms.

Common Issues with Corian Countertops:

  • Gets easily damaged by using acidic cleaners.
  • Also, gets dull over some time if not sealed properly.
  • It is not heat-resistant and gets etched when very hot items are placed on it.
  • It is non-porous, yet tends to form sticky stains and mold on its surface in damp conditions.

With all the above-mentioned issues, proper care of Corian countertops should be taken. If your stone appears dull and stained, here is how you can restore it to its original luster.

Corian Countertops Cleaning:

Corian Countertops Cleaning

Benaz is the best product for this. Corian countertops develop stains and accumulate dirt over some time. If you desire to remove the yellowy stains and dullness from your countertops, just clean them with Benaz from pFOkUS. It is our exceptional glass, cultured marble, and Corian stone cleaner that easily removes all the stains without damaging the surface.

Here is how to use Benaz:

  • The first step is to apply Benaz on the Corian countertops to clean them.
  • Apply Benaz on the applicator tool and gently rub on the surface to remove all the stains and etch marks.
  • Gently massage the surface and wipe clean with a dry cloth. You will find a clear and clean surface below.


Corian Countertops Sealing:

Just cleaning the Corian countertops with our cleaner will not prevent the stains from forming again. We recommend using our powerful Corian sealer – Valore, which shields the surface from stains. Valore forms a hydrophilic surface on Corian, thereby preventing further stain formation.

Here is how to use Valore Sealer:

  • After using Benaz, you need to wait for some time to ensure that the stone is dry.
  • Next, spray the Corian sealer – Valore on the full surface.
  • Wipe clean with a soft and dry cloth. The sealer would have formed a protective layer in just one coat.
  • Now when you splash water on the surface, you will be surprised to find the water does not form any droplets on the surface. Valore bonds to glass surfaces and also prevents bacteria, germs, and mold.


Regular Maintenance of Corian Countertops:

You can maintain your stone surface with Valore Maintenance Cleaner, an efficient Corian countertop protector, which also prevents stains from settling on the stone. Furthermore, it is a combination of sealer and cleaner that keeps the beauty of the surface intact.

Here is How you can Maintain your Stone Using Valore Maintenance:

  • Spray Valore Maintenance on the stone surface.
  • Wipe clean with a soft cloth.
  • This maintenance product will clean and seal at the same time and preserve the beauty of your Corian stone for a long.


So follow the above-mentioned steps for sealing and maintaining your Corian countertops so that you will always have a well-maintained stone surface.


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