Basic Tips to Maintain Granite Countertops

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Granite countertops are one of the most preferred stones for kitchen countertops and rightly so, as they are more durable and tougher than various other varieties. But if you think that your tasks in countertop maintenance ends with the installation of granite countertops, then you are wrong. This natural stone does come with some problems, which are not very tough to eliminate. You might have noticed after a few years, your countertops loses its sheen or the mirror finesse it had when it was new. Constant exposure to extremely hot liquids and food items, oil leaks and acidic spills lead to damage. Moreover, cutting and chopping of vegetables, meat and fruits with sharp knives also leaves scratches on the surface. These and many more daily use scenarios spoil the aesthetics and sheen of the surface. To counter all these damages, only a granite polish can work.

Take Care of your Granite Using High-Quality Granite Polish

Before you learn more about polishing granite the professional way, read some basic tips to maintain granite countertops, which can help you care for your stone better.

Some Important Tips to Take Care of your Granite Countertops

  • Light Daily Cleaning:

A natural stone sealer provides good protection against moisture. But you also need to clean and wipe your surfaces regularly to keep them free from grime and stains and also to maintain the granite polish. Use Imperia Maintenance Cleaner- a fresh cleaner, which can be used weekly to remove stains and sticky grease.

  • Never Use Abrasives:

Never scrub the granite countertops with harsh scrubs or pointed tools as this will remove the sealer coat and will lead to scratches.

  • Oil Spills:

It is always better to blot liquid, oil and food spills from the countertops, as wiping with a cloth will spread the liquids even further.

  • Protection Against Direct Heat:

Although granite can withstand very hot temperatures, keeping extremely hot vessels right from the burner or stove on the countertops, will in due time, harm the stone. Avoid keeping very hot vessels directly on the surface. You can, instead, use a coaster.

  • Refrain from Using Acidic Cleaners:

Do not use harsh liquids or acidic cleaners on the countertops, as these will wear off the existing natural stone sealers and also cause etching.

  • Getting Sealing done by Experts:

Hire the professional services of D’Sapone – the leading stone, grout, tile and glass restoration service provider company. Get your granite stones restored to perfection with their expert and patented procedures. Their services for granite polish can bring a mirror-like sheen to your surfaces.

  • Use of Cutting Board:

Never chop vegetables, fruits or meat directly on the surface, instead, use a chopping board to avoid scratches on your granite countertop.

  • Polish your Countertops:

Polish granite frequently by using good quality natural stone sealers which can protect the surface from fingerprints and water spots and also preserve the beauty of the stone.

All the above-mentioned tips and ideas should be followed to take care of granite countertops in the best possible way.

Step-by-Step Guide To Care for Granite Countertops

Granite polish is often the last step for restoring the stone to perfection. You need to follow certain other steps first. If you want to clean, seal, polish and restore your surface yourself, here is how you can do it.

Cleaning Kitchen Granite Countertops with Imperia Deep Clean:

First of all, you need to remove all dirt, debris and grime accumulated on the surface. You can use the best granite countertop cleaner – Imperia Deep Clean, which is a deep soaking cleaner. It penetrates deep inside the surface of the countertop and eliminates mold, mildew and stains at the root level.

Cleaning Kitchen Granite Countertops with Imperia Deep Clean

Sealing Kitchen Granite Countertops Using Celine:

After the granite countertops have been cleaned and prepped with Imperia Deep Clean, you can use a high-quality natural stone sealer – Celine to seal the surfaces in order to prevent further stains and grease from settling on your countertop. It is a clear topical solvent-based natural stone grout sealer that creates a hydrophobic surface while penetrating deep into the countertop. Celine also gives a very sleek and natural appearance, unlike other low-quality sealers which are very bulky. It forms a protective barrier on your granite surfaces, preventing the grease and sticky stains to settle. In the absence of a good quality sealer, these stains attach to the surface of the stone and also penetrate its pores, thereby forming into dense stains and grime which become difficult to remove after some time. It is the best granite sealer as it enters the pores of the natural stone and shuts all the pores.

Sealing Kitchen Granite Countertops Using Celine

Polishing Kitchen Granite Countertops Using Celine:

Complete caring for granite countertops does not end at sealing. Polishing the surface finally, imparts a mirror-like sheen and finesse and restores it back to perfection. You can use Celine to polish the surface once the initial coat has dried. This clear topical solvent based product when applied the second time coats the sealer and the tile at the same time to deliver that long-lasting sheen. Granite polish is the last step in maintaining your countertops perfectly.

Do you Need to Polish Granite Countertops?

You can buy Imperia Deep Clean and Celine which are our incredible countertop restoration products manufactured by pFOkUS, for polishing your granite. So quickly grab our restoration kit and restore your surfaces like new.

Give us a call today at +1-800-977-8313, and one of our knowledgeable representatives would be happy to assist you.


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