8 Products to Use for Christmas Cleaning

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With Christmas just around the corner, you might be really stressed with keeping your house clean and sparkling before your visiting guests drop in. What if we tell you that we have some remarkable products that will make your task not only easy, but your home also shiny, clean, sanitized and prepped up? Surprised? Yes, pFOkUS brings you the best product to clean tile floors, countertops and glass surfaces with. In this article, we shall guide you how to launch your do-it-yourself Christmas cleaning program using the right techniques and the right products.

8 Products to Use for Christmas Cleaning You often end up piling your cleaning, gift wrapping, decorating your Christmas tree and last minute shopping, just a few days before the holidays. This leads to a stressful holiday. We recommend you to start with your cleaning right away so that you need not worry about your Christmas cleaning when the festival approaches.

First, a Brief about pFOkUS:

Ours is a brand dedicated to manufacturing premium quality tile, grout, stone, glass, brick and tub restoration products. We have a wide array of cleaning, repairing and sealing products and useful tools. Our products are manufactured after years of research in the laboratories. D’Sapone – the best restoration company in the United States, has an exclusive deal with us to use our products in the area they service. Once you use our restoration products for your Christmas cleaning, you will never search for another brand.

Creating your Christmas Chores Checklist:

Before you begin with your Christmas festivities, there are a host of other things to do. Here is a checklist suggestion from us.

  • Christmas Cleaning
  • Buying Gifts for friends, family and special people
  • Christmas shopping for yourself and your home
  • Gift Wrapping
  • Decorating Christmas Tree
  • Decorating your Home
  • Sending out invites
  • Planning the lunch or dinner feast menu
  • Re-stocking your pantry and kitchens
  • Laying your finest cutlery
  • Playing a Good Host

Well, this is what all of you indulge in before the Big Day. So much to do and such less time. So, why not start with a few things early? Let us begin with Christmas Cleaning with pFOkUS products.

Christmas Cleaning Checklist:

You need to first figure out which areas to clean before Christmas. You cannot clean the entire house if you are in short of time, but there are a few areas that need attention.

Entrance or Foyers:

Your cleaning and sparkling entrance can put a very good impression on your guests. A dirty entrance with stained glass surfaces and lacklustre tile can spoil your first impression. After you clean your tile at the entrance and foyers of your house, you can further enhance the look by placing fresh flowers in pretty vases.

Dining Tables and Surrounding Areas:

Only laying your finest crockery and a lavish feast is not enough. You also need to ensure that your dining table surface and the surrounding countertops are clean and sparkling. A dirty surface may force your guests to think that if the house looks like this during Christmas, what would it look like in normal days! Your surfaces play an important role in defining your house-keeping skills.


Guests who will visit your house, will also use your washrooms. A clean and sparkling bathroom floor with clean tile and grout will impress your guests for sure. You also need to ensure that your shower doors are not stained or dirty, your doors are not leaking and that your caulk is not peeling or cracking. If your bathroom has missing grout and chipped tile, you need to restore these flaws before Christmas.


Some of your guests might enter the kitchen as well. Your kitchen should not only be wafting with fresh and delicious aromas of food, but also ooze of cleanliness and sanitization from every tile. This is possible only if you clean, repair and seal your tile and grout on the floors and countertops.

pFOkUS Products – Your Cleanliness Partners:

pFOkUS Products - Your Cleanliness Partners

Now, that you have made your Christmas cleaning checklist by jotting down the main areas of the house that need to be cleaned, repaired and sealed, we will guide you on the usage of our products for your tile, grout and glass surfaces.

Imperia Deep Clean – a Powerful Tile and Grout Cleaner:

Acidic cleaners harm tiles making them look dull and lustreless. Not only is this the best product to clean tile floors, it also preps and sanitizes the surface while removing all the stains, mold and existing sealers. Natural stone and grout are extremely porous and tend to absorb all liquid spills leading to stains and mold formation. Imperia Deep Clean is a powerful natural stone tile and floor grout cleaner which effectively cleans by penetrating deep into the pores knocking off stains, mold and mildew at the root level.

You can use Imperia Deep Clean to clean the tile and grout in your entrances, foyers, living rooms, bathrooms, kitchen floors and countertops.


Caponi – a Powerful Grout Sealer:

After using a floor tile and grout cleaner, you can use Caponi to seal the grout. Caponi is an epoxy grout sealer available in 40 different colors. These colors are mostly earthy and neutral tones found in tiles. Caponi has a durable titanium base which does its work in just a single coat. It is a pigmented grout sealing system that is built on a rock-solid 2-part solvent titanium resin/epoxy foundation. It is made in such a way that it can cover all grout in just one coat. Caponi is our bestselling product for grout sealing.

You can use Caponi to seal the grout on all the floors and countertops once the surfaces have been cleaned.


Sentura – an Efficient Caulk Replacer:

We manufacture the best caulk replacement product named Sentura – a two part pigmented flexible solvent based epoxy/resin, formulated with a 1200psi adhesion. It never pops out from the surface. It protects the surface from bacteria and stains which breed in shower corners. Sentura also comes in use to repair the cracks in tile and grout. It fills the cracks with its sleek and natural lines while delivering that lush look. It is available in over 40 color options to make your surface look fresh, new and beautiful.

Use Sentura to replace the caulk in your showers and also to repair any chips in your grout or tile, anywhere in the house.


Celine – an Incredible Tile Sealer:

After cleaning your tile and grout, you can use Celine to seal the tile. This is often the last step to protect your surfaces. It is done after sealing the grout separately and repairing any chips or damages in both tile or grout. Celine is a clear topical flexible solvent-based resin sealer that adds a brilliant sheen and lustre to your stone tile, while adding a coating protection. It prevents  tile from moisture absorption and hence preserves its integrity. It does not appear bulky like other sealers and looks quite natural.

You can use Celine to seal the stone tile on all the floors and countertops once the surfaces have been cleaned, repaired and grout has been sealed.


Benaz – a Powerful Glass Cleaner:

Benaz is a powerful product manufactured by pFOkUs which is a glass cleaner. It is the best cleaner for shower glass doors as it is a polish cleaner which restores the glass to its utmost level of clarity. It removes all the hard water dots deposited because of calcium and magnesium present in hard water.

Use Benaz to clean all the glass doors and glass shelves in your bathrooms and in the rest of the house.


Valore –  an Efficient Glass Sealant:

Valore is a glass sealant which not only preserves the glass doors but also the panels, shower doors and the tables of the shower glass from etching and hard water dots. This glass sealer has been formulated such that it prevents the etching and water dots from damaging the surface. It seals and cleans the surface all at the same time.

Use Valore to seal the glass surfaces after cleaning. You can use Valore on the shower glass doors and any other glass shelves or countertops in the house.

Once you  have deep-cleaned, repaired and sealed your tile, grout and glass surfaces in all the areas of your house, your house is pretty-much ready for a Christmas party. You can then proceed with other Christmas chores so that you are all sorted before the holidays begin and you can enjoy a stress-free holiday. You can log in to our website to know more about the usage instructions of our products.


Imperia Maintenance – a Wonderful Tile and Grout Maintenance Cleaner:

Once you have cleaned, repaired and sealed your tile and grout before Christmas, your major Christmas cleaning has been done. You can now just use a maintenance cleaner like Imperia Maintenance to clean superficial dust and dirt that may settle on your surfaces. Imperia Maintenance is a combination of a cleaner and sealer that cleans superfluous dirt and dust, while keeping the top sealant coat intact. It can be used as a weekly maintenance cleaner.

You can use Imperia Maintenance weekly once or daily for light cleaning and maintenance on your floors and countertops.


Valore Maintenance – A Strong All-Surface Maintenance Cleaner:

This is a maintenance product as well just like Imperia Maintenance, but is stronger of the two. Valore Maintenance is infused with 6.97% H2O2 at the  molecular level, which makes it a  strong maintenance cleaner. It can be used to clean superfluous dirt and dust settled on tile, grout and glass surfaces.

You can use Valore Maintenance to clean and maintain your home surfaces just a day before the D’Day arrives. You can use both of these maintenance products to maintain the beauty of your homes with less effort.


So what are you waiting for? Grab our best-selling products to render a sparkling aura to your home spaces this Christmas!


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