Everything you Need to Know about Marble Stone| Pros, Cons and Maintenance

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Marble stone is widely used in residential and commercial complexes’ walls, flooring, countertops and showers. This porous natural stone oozes of charm, elegance and luxury. But it also needs to be maintained properly to enhance its life. Here is an A to Z guide on marble stone, features and maintenance tips.

Marble Stone Pros, Cons and Maintenance


  • This stone is mined from deep within the crust of the earth in a raw form. It is then polished to get the shiny stone we use
  • It is a porous natural stone.
  • Marble is available in many colors, textures and patterns.
  • Marble is widely used in construction in buildings, monuments, and sculptures.

Pros and Cons:


  • Marble stone installed in your floorings, wall, countertops or showers look gorgeous.
  • This stone is quite affordable.
  • It is available in a range of choices and categories.
  • Marble stone is durable, hardwearing and shatter-resistant.
  • It is also an excellent insulator and reflects heat.
  • You can install marble in any room.


  • Acidic cleaners etch the marble tile.
  • As the stone is porous, it tends to absorb moisture and give birth to mold and deep-rooted stains.
  • It is prone to damage due to acidic spills from foods and beverages.
  • Sharp objects may cause scratches on the surface.

Cleaning, Sealing and Maintenance:

All these issues render your surfaces dirty, moldy, stained and damaged within no time. It is important to indulge in a regular marble stone cleaning procedure in the right way with the right tools. Here we will explain professional marble restoration services and DIY tasks done using the best quality products.

Professional Marble Restoration Services :

If you also find it hard to maintain your marble surfaces then you can contact D’Sapone -a leading marble stone restoration provider in the U.S. Below we have explained the procedures in detail.

shower tile and grout repair service d'sapone

Marble Tile Cleaning:

We perform marble tile cleaning using a heavy duty deep penetrating cleaner which enters into the pores and eliminates the stains and mold at the root level. Along with tile cleaning, we also perform grout cleaning, because a dirty grout deeply impacts the look of the entire flooring.

Repairing Cracked Marble Tile:

After cleaning, for repairing cracked marble tile, we use a high quality adhesive, which penetrates the cracks and crevices and seals the gaps completely. We ensure that after repair, your marble tile will look seamless and uniform.

Marble Sealing:

We seal the stone next with our patented marble sealing procedures using an incredible tile sealer that renders a sheen on the surface and makes it water-resistant. After sealing, your marble stone will be resistant to mold, mildew and staining.

D’Sapone is aware of the problems with marble stone maintenance and therefore offers permanent solutions. They offer a professional marble restoration service topped with a 5 year labor warranty as well.

DIY Marble Cleaning, Sealing and Maintenance:

If you would like to clean, seal and maintain your marble stone on your own, then we recommend using the best and high-quality products from pFOkUS – a leading stone, tile, grout and glass restoration products manufacturing company in the US.

shower restoration products - pFOkUS

Cleaning Dirty Marble Tile and Grout:

Marble stone easily gets dirty, yellowy, stained or moldy. Normal cleaners available on the market cannot remove this dirt easily. This is best done with a deep-penetrating cleaner – Imperia Deep Clean. This cleaner is great because it is alkaline and does not cause any etching. It easily removes all the deep-rooted stains, mold and mildew.

Repairing Cracked Tile and Grout:

It is important to repair the chips and cracks that maybe present in the marble tile before sealing. You can repair chips and cracks in tile and grout using Sentura – A two-part pigmented flexible epoxy/resin sealer based on 1200psi adhesion. This adhesive not only seals the cracks in your tile and grout, but also works as an excellent caulk replacer. It delivers long-lasting results for sealing marble shower corners.

Sealing Grout:

Marble tile is available in many shades. If you want your grout to match your tile as well, you can use grout sealer Caponi. Use Caponi – A pigmented grout sealing system that is built on a rock-solid 2-part solvent titanium resin/epoxy foundation. You only need to apply a single coat of Caponi. There are more than 40 color options in Caponi and so, you can seal your grout lines in a color of your choice.

Sealing Marble Tile:

Celine is a clear topical solvent-based resin sealer that can be used to seal your marble tile and make it water-resistant. Celine adds a wonderful sheen to your tile and enhances its beauty.

This way, when you use the best premium-quality products for cleaning and sealing your marble tile yourself, you will get desired results. For maintenance of marble tile after cleaning, we recommend you to use Imperia Maintenance or Valore Maintenance for cleaning superfluous stains.


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