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When a log home resort community is developed, the interiors, exteriors and the entire set-up appears too dreamy to be true. Tourists and guests are often on the lookout for a holiday at such a venue. Black Bear Tracks is one such premier log home resort community in Gatlinburg, spread over a massive 43 acres of land with towering native trees, natural springs and streams, and beautiful mountains. It is the perfect retreat to provide you a destressing relief from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. When you enter the property, you find an almost striking cleanliness and sparkling beauty that you are compelled to know more about their maintenance procedures.

Black Bear Tracks and pFOkUS

Most such resorts end up looking un-maintained, damaged, rusty, dirty with chipped tile and moldy showers within months. You can blame this one on the forest weather conditions. Black Bear Tracks made a wise decision right from the start. Like most resort properties, Black Bear Tracks team was worried about the right maintenance and up-keep of the premises in the right way. When it came to know about pFOkUS – a leading stone, tile, grout, glass, tub and brick restoration products manufacturing company in the US, it knew that this is the solution.

Tile and Grout Restoration Products - pFOkUS

When Black Bear Tracks – a delightful premier log home resort community was being developed, the company signed an exclusive deal with pFOkUS. They promised to use only pFOkUS products for their maintenance and restoration procedures, so as to ensure that the property does not fall in the hands of weather/wear and tear/ time-related damage. Hand in hand, the two put in their best efforts to build a wondrous cabin property in the heart of Gatlinburg.

What is so Special about the Black Bear Tracks Property?

The property is charming and worth a stay. Here we have uploaded some images of the property. See how striking the exteriors and interiors look.


Black Bear Tracks

The venue is alluring and almost too dreamy to be true. On the outer side of the decks, one can relax on the front-row seating and enjoy a delightful mountain view. You can sit back and relax on the tastefully designed and artistic wooden rocking chairs and bask in the unobstructed views of nature. This is the ultimate destination to pamper yourself to the core.

A gorgeous waterfall and a log clubhouse greets you as you enter the resort. Adjoining the clubhouse is a large patio area with heated swimming pools for both adults and children. These are functional seasonally from Memorial Day through Labor Day each year.


granite stone tile - Black Bear tracks and pFOkUS

The property looks like a luxurious retreat made of rich textured wood. The cabin has a striking balance of modern amenities and wooden interiors.itchen inside the cabin with top-of-the-line appliances. The counters are designed with a premium-quality granite stone tile that reeks of elegance and luxury.

  • The walls throughout the resort are made with rich sealed pine wood.
  • There are four fireplaces, one in each room.
  • Two bedrooms feature king size beds on an open airy floor plan.
  • The games room has a Cannon pool table and stained pine countertops backed with handmade bar stools.
  • Large floor-to-ceiling windows are warmed at night by twinkling lights from the cabins below and the stars above.
  • There are two luxurious showers in the cabin property, fully equipped with state-of-the-art modern amenities and high-quality tile.
  • The star attraction of the property are the two heated swimming pools outdoors.

Why should you Book a Stay there?

When so many cabin log resorts and hotel properties come up each year, Black Bear Tracks has an edge over the others owing to its right infrastructure, planning, and amenities. The best part of the resort is that whenever you visit the property, you will be awed by its striking maintenance and cleanliness. The team at the resort are not only particular about hygiene and cleanliness, but they seem passionate and a bit over-the-top when it comes to sanitization, beauty, cleanliness and hygiene. They strictly believe in offering a ‘healthy and hygienic’ stay to their guests.

This information sounds helpful in the current pandemic situation, when everyone is scared to step out of their homes in fear of contracting the deadly COVID-19. In the current situation, if you get to know about a hotel property that is highly careful and clean in their premises, then it comes as a relief for all the travel-deprived people.

How does Black Bear Tracks make Use of pFOkUS Products for their Cleanliness and Maintenance?

  • Glass Doors:

How does Black Bear Tracks make Use of pFOkUS Products

The property has many glass doors and glass shelves at the reception that often get dirty and stained with hand and finger prints, etching, staining and dust accumulation. This is how Black Bear Tracks handles stains and mold on their glass doors.


  • Stained glass doors with dirt, grime, dust and fingerprints.
  • Etched surfaces due to use of acidic cleaners.
  • Mold formation at the sides of the doors where moisture is prevalent.


  • The cleaning team first cleans the glass doors at the reception. They use Benaz – a powerful glass cleaner that removes all traces of fingerprint stains, mold, dirt and etching from the glass.
  • Next, they seal the glass with Valore to prevent re-staining. It is a powerful glass-sealer from pFOkUS that makes your glass surfaces water-proof.
  • Once the glass doors are deep-cleaned and sealed, they clean the superficial dirt and stains with Imperia Maintenance Cleaner or Valore Maintenance cleaner. Of the two, Valore Maintenance is a more powerful combination of a sealer and cleaner
  • Showers and Bathrooms:

Bathrooms and showers are the most vulnerable area of a cabin lodge. Those who get hard water in their taps, also face the problem of hard water stains on their flooring and glass surfaces. As guests will be using your bathroom often during their stay, you need to ensure that it is as clean and beautiful as possible. Here are the main areas you need to concentrate on for bathroom cleaning.


  • Stains and mold formation on natural stone tile and grout.
  • Cracked tile and grout.
  • Damaged Caulk
  • Efflorescence on the shower tile and grout.
  • Dirty glass shower doors.


  • They clean, repair and seal the shower floor and the bathroom floor the same way as explained above.
  • They follow the same procedure for countertops and shower glass doors as explained above.
  • The only thing that is extra in a shower is sealing shower corners. Black Bear Tracks had no idea of a permanent shower corner sealant. They were only aware of Caulk and knew that it had to be replaced every 6 months.
  • Furthermore, if they face the issue of efflorescence on the shower tile, they remove it using Zido – our efflorescence remover. It easily removes the calcium and mineral deposits without damaging the tile, grout or cracking the drain,
  • We introduced them to our Sentura – a permanent caulk substitute that delivers sleek and natural appearance, while sealing the caulk permanently. So, to protect and seal their shower corners, Black Bear Tracks’ team uses Sentura to seal their shower corners.
  • Pools:

The cabin property has a lovely heated pool for both children and adults. We are all aware of the issues with a pool and to maintain one in a resort is one hell of a job.

Black bear tracks pool cleaner - pFOkUS


  • The pools are functional seasonally from Memorial Day through Labor Day each year. When the pools are closed, a little bit of moisture from the air and some water that is retained on the tile and grout even after emptying, soak in deeper into the natural stone pool tile. These invite mold breeding.
  • The pool tile and grout also keep getting chipped due to continuous use and exposure to sunlight. They cannot ignore the sharp edges on the surface as it may hurt anybody swimming.
  • Sometimes, efflorescence occurs on some pool tile, which is nothing but a mixture of mineral deposits like calcium that settle on the pool tile and may also crack it.
  • The pool rail also gets rusty and stained. It is the most used part of a pool as guests hold the rail to get in and out of the pool.


  • They perform pool tile cleaning by using Imperia Deep Clean – a deep soaking cleaner which penetrates deep into the surface knocking of stains and mold at the root.
  • They fix a loose or dislodged pool tile in place using our Sentura.
  • Next, they use Caponi to seal their pool grout to prevent staining or mold formation.
  • They clean pool handrails with Benaz.
  • Lastly, they seal the pool tile and stainless steel rails using our powerful sealant, Celine, which is a natural look oil based sealer that seals the natural stone and the pool rail leaving a slight sheen.
  • They regularly change the pool water to maintain the hygiene standards.
  • If they had efflorescence initially on their pool tile, they can easily remove it using our strong efflorescence remover – Zido, which removes the mineral deposits without damaging the tile and grout.

Regular Maintenance of Tile, Grout and Stainless Steel Surfaces:

Throughout the property, all kinds of surfaces such as tile, grout, and stainless steel have been used. These surfaces have all been deep-cleaned and the surfaces which require sealing, have been sealed to prevent deep-rooted problems. But, yet, you cannot pr


Black Bear Tracks Inerier - pFOkUS products -

Furthermore, whenever guests are about to arrive or leave, their team ensures that all these surfaces are wiped, cleaned and maintained with Valore Maintenance to add that extra sheen, sparkle and cleanliness.


  • Regardless of how clean your tile, grout, and stainless steel are, you cannot avoid superfluous stains and mold.
  • Especially if this is a guest property, you need to be extra careful about the cleanliness and maintenance.
  • Water stains, dust, dirt tend to settle everywhere.


Adding coating protection to these surfaces helps in enhancing their beauty and preventing deep-rooted problems. The tile, grout, countertops are cleaned, repaired, and sealed the same way the flooring tile is dealt with pFOkUS products. For maintaining their look and beauty, they use our maintenance products – Imperia Maintenance and Valore Maintenance for that last-minute cleaning and maintenance before guests arrive.

Black Bear Tracks maintain these surfaces daily using our Valore Maintenance cleaner – a combination of a cleaner and sealer, infused with 6.97% H2O2 at the molecular level, which makes cleaning and maintaining quite easy and effortless. They also use Imperia Maintenance on some surfaces. This one is milder than Valore Maintenance. It can be used as a light daily cleaner. Both the maintenance cleaners are a combination of cleaner and sealer, which helps to clean the surface and also keep the top sealant intact.

How is Black Bear Tracks Dealing with the Pandemic?

Black Bear Tracks is aware of the consequences of the deadly Coronavirus and the fact that it may remain on hard surfaces for some time through a carrier person. As soon as some guests leave their premises, they disinfect and clean the entire area with Valore Maintenance. They wipe the floors, showers, glass surfaces, countertops, and walls with this maintenance cleaner and also vacuum the upholstery. They open all the doors and windows to ventilate the area and finally ensure that the property is suitable for fresh use.

This is a basic explanation of how Black Bear Tracks uses pFOkUS products to clean and maintain its glass doors, showers, floors, pools, and countertops. They have signed an exclusive deal with pFOkUS, according to which, they only use our products for their restoration needs. They only rely on our products and are very happy with the results. After D’Sapone, Black Bear Tracks also signed an exclusive deal with us, and that for us is great news!


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