How does a Natural Stone Sealer Help you in Preventing Stone Damage?

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Cleaning flooring, countertops and shower areas is a common practice most of you indulge in. You scrub the tile and grout using cleaning products. You also use brushes to help you scrub. But, the stains, mold and dirt reoccur pretty soon. You go through the same process of intense cleaning repeatedly. But what if we tell you that there is a unique way of retaining the cleanliness of your surfaces? A stone grout sealer can help you prevent stone damage remarkably. This short guide will explain the importance of using a sealer.

Natural Stone Sealer - pFOkUS - Celine

Why do you Need to Seal your Natural Stone?

  • Natural stone such as slate, travertine, marble and granite are highly porous. The porosity factor enables water to penetrate deep within leading to unhygienic conditions. Any food or liquid spills on the surface penetrates deep within the stone leading to mold and mildew formation.
  • Another issue with these stones is that they chip off due to heavy impact.
  • Some natural stones also shed dust. This not only keeps your interiors full of dust but the stone also loses its sheen and brilliance after a few years.

To prevent these issues and to preserve your natural stone right from the start, it is essential that you use the best stone grout sealer to take the beauty of your stone to the next level.

How does a Sealer Work?

You cannot seal a dirty surface. A dirty tile or dirty grout, when sealed, makes the top coat appear very hazy and dirty. It also does not solve the purpose of sealing as the mold breeding inside quickly spreads under the sealant. Once the natural stone and grout is cleaned and sanitized with a floor tile grout cleaner, the pores open up. On sealing the clean surface with a natural stone sealer, it enters the pores and shuts them completely, thereby stopping the passage of liquids which lead to staining and mold breeding. You also need to seal the grout separately with a grout sealer before sealing the stone.

How to Choose the Right Stone Grout Sealer?

There are many products manufactured and launched on the market every day, but very few manage to create a mark. Some give average results while some keep true to their promises and give extraordinary results. One such product manufactured by pFOkUS has taken the stone restoration industry by storm.

Celine- Tile and Grout-Approved-Clear-Oil-Topical-Sealer-Stone-Grout-Single

Meet Celine – our incredible stone grout sealer, which forms a protective layer on your surfaces, preventing them from moisture absorption and staining. Celine is a clear topical solvent-based sealer, which creates a hydrophobic layer on the stone and grout surface, thereby preventing passage of liquids and moisture inside its pores. Natural stone and grout are porous. They tend to absorb moisture and food spills, leading to mold breeding and staining. Celine creates a waterproof surface on stone and grout, thereby preserving their integrity forever. Some contractors use low quality tile and grout sealers which may peel off in some months. Some of these sealers are also quite bulky. Celine imparts a very sleek and natural appearance to your surfaces, while adding a slight sheen. Celine is most recommended by D’Sapone – one of the leading stone and grout restoration service provider companies in the US.

Where can you Use Celine?


Celine is the best slate, travertine, marble and granite sealer. People use natural stone in floorings but often forget to seal the surface. Human treading, food and beverage spills and acidic cleaners stain and etch the surface and also lead to mold breeding. Celine forms a protective layer on natural stone surfaces, thereby preserving integrity forever.

salate sealer pfokus - Celine


Celine renders an impeccable look to your countertops as well. This granite, slate, travertine and marble sealer protect grease and oily stains from damaging the look of your countertops. After using an efficient flooring and countertop cleaner, you should seal the surface with Celine to prevent further staining and mold formation. People also keep hot vessels directly on the countertops, which eventually make the surface dull. Celine protects the stone from hot temperatures.

Shower Areas:

Shower areas are always susceptible to soap scum and hard water stains. Moreover, mold formation is very common as the surfaces are always damp. When you seal the walls and floorings of a shower area, you prevent the moisture from penetrating deep inside the pores of the stone or grout. Celine forms a protective coating on the shower flooring, thereby preventing soap cum, mold and stains.

Our stone grout sealer is the best for sealing your natural stone if you want long-lasting results along with a natural look. You can enhance the shine and lustre of your surfaces for a long time after you have cleaned and sealed them. Grab Celine today and protect your stone from any kind of damage.


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