How to Stop Water Leakage from Shower Doors

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Shower glass adds an aesthetic appeal to your bathrooms. But, its sole purpose is to prevent water from leaking outside and making the rest of the surface wet. If your shower glass is leaking, then it is not serving the very purpose it was installed for. To prevent your shower door water leaking, you can install the right shower door glass enclosure. These enclosures include frameless shower door sweeps, framed door seal, drip rails and shower door thresholds.


Before we explain about our door enclosures, a little know-how about what causes leaks, will help you pick the right product.

What Causes Shower Door Water Leaks?

The leakage from shower doors or enclosures can happen due to many reasons. Leakage might suddenly occur in old or new showers as well. Typically, shower door water leaking is caused by:

Water Seepage from underneath the tile and grout

  • Damaged Seals or Sweeps:

Both framed or frameless glass doors are sealed in the edges with either seals or sweeps to prevent water leakage. If the seal or sweep is damaged, leakage can occur.

  • Improper Installations:

Sometimes, too much gap is left at the sides where the door is bolted to the wall with hinges. Water can escape from the gaps there. This can be rectified with seals if the gap is small.

  • Clogged Drip Rails:

Framed shower doors generally have drip rails located along the bottom inside edge of the frame to allow any water that enters the frame to drain out and go back to the shower drain. If these holes get clogged, water may overflow and also leak along the door and outside the shower.

pFOkUS has a wide range of framed and frameless door seals, frameless door sweeps, thresholds, and much more. But, before you explore our range, you should know how to locate the main point of leakage.

Find out the Exact Place and Reason for Leakage:

Unless you identify where the water is leaking from, you cannot rectify the problem. Do you find the door leaking from the bottom or from the sides? Do you find leaking water on the vertical side of the glass where hinges are attached? Or, do you find leakage from the junction your door opens? Most shower door leaks occur at the junction where the door opens or at the sides, where the door is attached to the wall by hinges. This leak could be very marginal, but over a period of time, it leads to water stains and mold development.

After Identifying the Exact Location, Look for the Best Solution:

Do not fall into the trap of a local plumber who claims to fix the issue by giving you a temporary and cheap solution. It will only lead to leakage again in the future. Also, do not fall into the trap of contractors who suggest that you should fix a new glass shower door.

pFOkUS shower door enclosures can help you fix shower door water leaking without having to replace your entire glass door. You must only go for high-quality products that not only stop the leakage, but also enhance the beauty of your bathrooms.


For a permanent solution, consider replacement of the part or consider investing in a new enclosure that can prevent the leakage. pFOkUS’ high quality enclosures are made with superb engineering skills and good quality products. We have different varieties of framed and frameless enclosures.

Specifications of Shower Door Enclosures from pFOkUS:

  • Shower Door Sweep:

Our shower door threshold sweeps are manufactured from a high-quality polycarbonate material. Our sweeps can easily push on the bottom of the glass door as they have strong grip. You can enjoy a dry flooring after using our sweeps. These are available in 7 sizes and in different lengths like 32”, 36” and 98”. If you find gaps between the seals and glass shower doors, you can fix them with shims.

  • Framed and Frameless Door Seal:

Our shower door threshold seals are crafted from rubber, vinyl or polycarbonate. Each shower door might have a different seal requirement. Our seals are made with a very flexible and light-weight material. We sell pre-taped seals too, in which you just need to remove the top sticker of the tape to fix. Our framed door seals are available in seven types.

DS9397 Framed Glass shower door seal

Frameless door seals from pFOkUS are designed from vinyl, polycarbonate or rubber. pFOkUS manufactures 12 varieties of seals such as push on, pre-taped and certain others which need double sided tape. All these seals have different designs, color, finishes, length, width and usage.

  • Frameless Shower Door Half-Round Threshold:

Our shower door half-round thresholds are engineered from aluminium blocks and feature a seamless design. Our thresholds have the sleekest design and do not ruin the look of your showers. Sweeps cannot be used at the bottom of the door when the gap is too large. Our threshold helps in closing those big gaps. At pFOkUS, we aim at waterproofing glass shower doors. These are available in different colors such as white, gold, brush nickel, chrome and oil-rubbed bronze color.


We also sell drip rails to install in framed shower doors. You can send us pictures of your shower door with the leakage issue and our experts can help you with the right product requirement. We ship our products in crystal clear packaging that makes it easy for you to take measurements and also protects the integrity of the enclosure. We send these products in 7 m plastic sleeves to prevent scratches and the powder coat finish during shipping.

So, do not ignore shower door water leaking. If you need to clean the tile, grout and glass before fixing the new seal or sweep, you can purchase our tile, grout and glass restoration products as well. Fix it today by availing the suitable shower door enclosure from pFOkUS.


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