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Easter is a festival that is synonymous with friends, families and get-togethers. Although, in the present situation of the Corona outbreak, it is better to celebrate Easter at home with... Read More >

pFOkUS-Ester Hard surface cleaning and sealing products

In the present scenario when the entire world is struggling to keep the deadly Coronavirus at bay, our cleaner helps you keep your surfaces clean and virus-free. Just a single... Read More >

corona virus - imperia

The entire world is currently in a fix trying to fix the threat lurking on all of us. The Corona Virus - COVID-19 pandemic is an ongoing global outbreak that... Read More >

corona virus

Are you irritated with those red colored rust stains on your travertine and marble floors? Regardless of how often you scrub them, they reappear. Moreover, with continuous scrubbing in order... Read More >

rust stain

With so many hard surface restoration products available on the market, you often get confused as to which ones to buy. Many companies out there show engaging advertisements compelling us... Read More >

Tile, grout shower restoration products - pFOkUS

Shower glass leaks can be very annoying. Not only do they make your bathrooms get wet and dirty but also ruin the aesthetics of your interiors. The sole purpose of... Read More >

Frameless/Framed Shower Door Seals and Sweeps : How To Prevent Leakage

Leakage in shower doors is not good news! You might have spent a huge amount installing costly glass doors to separate your bathing area in your bathroom. The sole purpose... Read More >

What To Do When Your Shower Door Starts Leaking?

You invest in costly tile for your floor, shower and countertop to enhance the look of your interiors. But over a period of time, the surfaces of these areas start... Read More >

Best Grout Sealer

Keeping the look of your commercial and residential premises can be a tough job if the right restoration products are not applied. Often customers get lured by fancy advertising and... Read More >

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Stained and dirty tile and grout can be a nightmare to deal with. These not only make your surface unhealthy but also ruin the aesthetic appeal of your shower, floor... Read More >

floor cleaner - Imperia Deep Clean


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