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You often get a creepy feeling on entering a shower with a stained glass door. It is quintessentially the first thing a person sets eyes on when entering the shower... Read More >

Benaz and Valore Sealer - Are the Powerful Shower Glass Door Cleaner and Sealer

While making a house, we spend a fortune to get the best tiles and furniture. Most of us prefer natural stone tiles for our flooring and countertops because they radiate... Read More >

Celine - An Incredible Natural Stone Grout Sealer

Have you ever wondered why your shower corners stain within months and make your entire surface look worse? Shower areas are always damp and prone to water splashes many times... Read More >

Sentura - A Permanent Caulk Substitute Solvent for Caulking Issues

There are various products available on the market for tile and grout cleaning. We do not recommend using an acidic tile and grout cleaner as it may damage tile and... Read More >

Imperia Maintenance - A Spectacular Tile and Grout Cleaner

Natural stone flooring and countertops are an enthralling blend of nature’s diversity and man’s design. In comparison to the uniformity of elements created by machines, natural stone materials have nature imposed variations... Read More >

Before and After Image of Natural Stone Sealed with an Incredible Natural Stone Sealer - Celine

The shower glass door is the entrance to the shower and it creates an essential impact on the look and feel of the entire shower. However clean and tidy the... Read More >

Clean Your Glass Doors with the Best Shower Glass Restoration Products

Ever wondered why mold loves your tiled shower? How much ever you scrub your shower tile and grout, but mold, mildew and stains always find their way back. It is... Read More >

Remove Mold on Floor Tile Showers

Mold and mildew are a common sight in most showers everywhere. While they not only make the shower unappealing, but also make the place stink. To further add to the... Read More >

Git Rid of Damaged Shower Grout

Is your glass door – the entrance to the shower, looking bad with all the hard water dots, etching and soap scum? If the glass is stained and etched, it... Read More >

Clean Hard Water Dots on Shower Glass Door Using pFOkUS Products


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