Regular Floor Cleaning with Imperia Maintenance to Prevent Coronavirus Germs

SEO pFOkUS, March 30, 2020

In the present scenario when the entire world is struggling to keep the deadly Coronavirus at bay, our cleaner helps you keep your surfaces clean and virus-free. Just a single swipe with this cleaner, and you can get a guaranteed clean and hygienic surface.

When it comes to floor cleaning, you all tend to stock different kinds of floor cleaners for different kinds of tile. Well, the markets today are flooded with floor cleaners made specially for granite, marble, ceramic, quarry and laminate. You get a different variety of floor cleaning product for every floor tile and therefore, you tend to stock on each kind depending upon the tile you have. But don’t you feel maintaining so many different products is tiring? Basically, all the products are similar to each other and to sell them under different names is just a genius marketing gimmick!

Cleaning Ceramic, Porcelain and Quarry Floor cleaning - Imperia

pFOkUS is always inclined towards serving our customers with the most genuine and convenient products. With this vision in mind, we have formulated the number one floor maintenance product – Imperia Maintenance Cleaner which works its magic on all kinds of surfaces. Our product has been formulated after years of research at the laboratory. Our scientists found the need to invent a product that helps you remove the superficial stains like water stains, hard water stains, soap scum, filth, dirt, dust, grime and other sticky debris from floorings. This product is particularly beneficial for home or commercial complex owners who want to clean their floorings in an easy way.

Let us see how Imperia Maintenance works on different kinds of floorings:

Cleaning Ceramic, Porcelain and Quarry Flooring:

Although ceramic and porcelain tile are non-porous when compared to natural stone tile, they do tend to get dirty and develop superficial stains like rust stains, water stains, hard water stains or soap scum. The best way to clean a ceramic or porcelain flooring is using Imperia Maintenance Cleaner, as it removes all these stains instantly and does not cause any damage to the surface.

Cleaning Natural Stone Flooring

Quarry tile does not have a top glaze on it like other natural stone tile, hence it gets stained very easily. These stains, if not removed instantly, penetrate deeper inside the surface, leading to mold breeding and rigid staining. The only way to preserve the beauty of quarry tile is to instantly clean the spills and dirt using Imperia Maintenance. If no obvious stains are present, you can indulge in weekly floor cleaning using this product.

Cleaning Natural Stone Flooring:

Most people seal their natural stone tile to prevent deep-rooted moisture, mold breeding and staining within the pores. If you have not sealed your natural stone tile, then you must first clean it at the root level using a deep-penetrating cleaner like Imperia Deep Clean. Once you have thoroughly cleaned your surface and sealed it with topical sealers, you might still face the issues of superficial stains. These stains, although do not cause any permanent damage on sealed surfaces, they do spoil the aesthetic beauty. You can clean your natural stone flooring using Imperia Maintenance and enjoy a sparkling surface always.


How to Use Imperia Maintenance Cleaner?

  • Just spray it on the tile surface and leave for a few minutes.
  • Wipe off with a clean and soft cloth to reveal a sparkling surface below.

Imperia Maintenance cleaner is not only easy to use, but also one of the best floor cleaning products available on the market. For more information, visit


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