Solve all your Caulking Issues with the One and Only Sentura

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If you feel like screaming seeing your peeling caulk again and again, then you are not alone! Thousands like you face the same caulking issues repeatedly! Caulk is a very outdated material used to seal gaps between hard surfaces. Today, with the advancement in technology, we have new and better products that can seal such gaps forever. One such revolutionary product is the Sentura, manufactured by pFOkUS – a leading hard surface restoration products manufacturing company in the US. In the blog below, we shall decode the magic of Sentura.

Solve all your Caulking Issues with sentura

What is Caulk? Why is it Used and Why Does it Fail?

Caulk is from latex, acrylic or silicone. All these materials are not weather-resistant. This makes it the prime reason for caulking issues to arise.

A few years ago, people used to seal their window frames to the wall, tubs to the ground, sinks to the wall and shower corners with caulk.

caulking issues- epoxy shower caulk - pFOkUS

But, in wet weather conditions, this caulk used to peel off in a few months and in dry settings, it used to crack. This made it like a routine for every residential or commercial complex owner to get caulking done again and again.

Re-caulking is nothing but application of the same caulk over a layer of deteriorated caulk. So, you can expect this to fail too in just a matter of months.

This led people to get into a repeated loop of caulking and re-caulking, mounting their house-maintenance costs.

Where is Caulking Mostly Used and Why does it Create a Menace?

  • Architectural Caulking:

As the name suggests, caulk is used to seal wall gaps, floor joints, grout joints and such other gaps and cracks when constructing a building or a house. Caulking has a wide use in architecture.

But, caulk used in architecture is not always secure. Caulk has a tendency to crack after a few months. When the joints start cracking, the structure looks worn out and even becomes insecure.

  • Wet Seal Caulking:

Caulking has been used since the olden days to seal wet surfaces or to close leaks occurring. It does seal the wet areas and gives you a temporary respite from leaks. So, people use it to seal shower corners, tub surfaces to walls, sinks to the walls and so on.

But, caulk has a tendency to peel off in humid conditions. With too much water exposure, caulk starts peeling and in some time, it comes off, making the area vulnerable to leaks and water damage again.

  • Shower Tiles Caulk:

Caulking has been used to join shower tiles and grout in shower walls and floors. Caulk easily joins the tile and grout and is an easy solution to making the area waterproof.

But, after some time, cracks develop on caulk and its also starts peeling due to the humid conditions in the shower. Moreover, places where gaps form, water accumulates and mold breeding starts. This makes your shower very unhealthy.

  • Window Caulk:

There might be no problem of water or humidity in windows in your living rooms or bedrooms. Caulk is used to seal the window frame to the wall and give a neat look.

But, as caulk has a limited time-span, after some time, this caulk starts peeling, forcing you to again go for re-caulking or useful home restoration expenses. Moreover, if you ignore the gaps, insects, germs and mold start breeding in the gaps, making the surface very unhygienic.

  • Sink caulk:

People use caulk to seal the sinks to the walls in a bathroom. It is an easy solution to quickly join the sink to the walls.

But, soap scum, water splashes, germs, lotions and shampoos, etc settle on the sink caulk, deteriorating it further. Soon, mold and bacteria start breeding on the sink caulk, and turn it into a nasty yellow color.

  • Countertops caulk:

coutertop sealer and caulk remover - Sentura

Countertops are used in kitchens, bathrooms and more. But, when used in kitchens, the caulk used to seal the corners gets exposed to oil leaks, germs, bacteria, moisture, food and beverage spills, etc.

It soon starts peeling or cracking, giving rise to gaps in its surface. This not only makes the countertop weak and vulnerable to falling, but also makes the corners a storehouse of germs and bacteria. Mold on caulk also gives it a dirty look.

  • Tub caulk:

pfokus -shower-bath-tub-caulk - sentura

Caulk is also used to seal tubs to the floor or to the wall surfaces. As water splashes and soap scum settle on the caulk, it soon deteriorates. The peeling caulk not only makes your interiors look dirty, but also makes the tub surface loose. It may come off the wall any time as soon as the caulk deteriorates.

  • Wall caulk:

Caulk is used to seal the corners and cracks in a wall as well. It can be applied to the wall grout as well as the wall tile.

But, due to its limited lifespan, it soon comes off, leaving the gaps vulnerable to air and germs.

All these are the several problems with caulk, which made it compulsory to come up with better solutions.

What Led to the Invention of Sentura?

Sentura - a two part pigmented solvent based flexible epoxy/resin

pFOkUS was a new restoration products manufacturing company around 15 years ago. It was slowly climbing the ladder of success by trying out new and never-tried-before restoration products. pFOkUS’ team was aware of the nuisance caulking caused and was trying to develop something stronger and more long-lasting.

This led to the invention of SenturaA revolutionary, advanced, solvent-based, powerful, epoxy/resin adhesive based on a 1200psi adhesion that never pops from the surface.

Imagine a formula so incredible that it has made our Sentura the one and only product that can put an end to caulking issues forever.

What is so Special about Sentura?

Sentura – a two part pigmented flexible solvent based epoxy/resin, formulated with a 1200psi adhesion, ensures that it never pops out from the surface. It waterproofs the surface and hence secures the floor from bacteria and stains which breed in shower corners. Sentura never cracks in dry settings like caulk. It can be colored in over 40 colors to give you your desired tile or grout color to match the surroundings. Sentura is the best alternative to repair cracked tile and grout.

How is Sentura Better than Caulk?

Caulk makes the shower look very bulky and unnatural. It tends to peel off in wet and dry conditions and loosens its bond easily when cleaned with certain chemicals. Caulk soon becomes useless as mold and mildew starts to develop in the cracked areas. Sentura is a much better alternative which seals your shower surface permanently.

  • Permanent Results:

Any solution that does not give proper and permanent results are outdated and useless, because, today, people only want permanent cures.

  • Re-caulking not Required:

Re-caulking is an old practice of sealing shower corners over the old and deteriorated caulk. It instantly makes the surface look renewed, but again is temporary..Replacing caulk in shower should be done with powerful products, which are not affected by different weather conditions, as shower areas will always be damp.

  • Caulk Deteriorates:

Caulk shrinks and cracks in dry settings and peels off in wet settings. If you do re-caulking, it will lead to the same issues again.

  • Caulk is Bulky:

Caulk is also very bulky. With today’s new age products, it is possible to seal caulk with powerful epoxy resin sealers, which give a natural and sleek appearance, unlike caulk.

  • Caulk not Available in More Color Choices:

Re-caulking can be done in very few colors as caulk is not available in a variety of shades. This makes the caulk get noticed all the more in your shower areas. Sentura can be called a paintable caulk as it can be pigmented in more than 40 shades and can be matched to your tile color. It can be called a colored caulk as no other caulk can be shaded in a desired color. Sentura is a permanent waterproof caulk that will never ask for re-sealing again.


So, leave all your caulking issues aside! Follow our website to remove old caulk properly and seal your shower corners, window gaps, tile and grout cracks, tubs and sinks with our Sentura. You can purchase it from our website. The instructions to use Sentura have been explained on the website.


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