6 Steps to Refresh Your Shower Tile Grout Lines

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Do you really want to refresh your shower tile grout lines? Do you see deep-rooted stains on the tile grout? Want to know the perfect method on how to clean and seal shower grout?

If your answer is yes. Then you are at the right place!

With months of constant moisture exposure, soap scum build-up and acidic cleaners, the grout lines in your shower tiles begin to deteriorate. If you find your shower grout lines looking discolored and stained, you might need to refresh them up using an epoxy grout paint.

Waterproof Epoxy Grout Paint - Caponi

In this article, we shall guide you on how to refresh the shower grout lines using a quality grout paint and brush to give a new makeover to your shower tile grout.

Do You Know What is Grout? What is it Made of?

Grout is the cement and sand mix that is added between two tiles to join them. This grout is very porous and tends to absorb moisture in its pores leading to mold buildup and staining.

Please Follow this Process to Refresh Up your Shower Tile Grout Lines:

Step 1: Initially Clean the Grout with Imperia Deep Clean:

Cleaning the tile and grout is very important. When you use a deep-soaking cleaner such as Imperia Deep Clean, you rip away the deep-rooted stains and mold inside and thoroughly sanitize the grout and tile. You cannot add a new layer of grout paint on dirty grout as the mold breeding inside will spread on the new layer too, making your job very temporary. Once the tile and grout are cleaned with a penetrating cleaner, the pores open up and you can find a thoroughly sanitized surface.


Step 2: For Scrubbing Grout Lines you can Use Grout Cleaning Brush:

A good quality grout cleaning brush is not only a very practical cleaning accessory but it also gives your cleaning a boost with its perfectly placed V-notched bristles. The brush swivels perfectly in the direction you require, to give you a seamless cleaning experience. You should scrub your grout lines using a grout brush from pFOkUS to ensure uniform cleaning.

Step 3: Repairing Broken Grout Using Sentura:

Grout can go missing or damaged in some places. Before sealing grout lines in the shower, you have to ensure that they are in place and not damaged. To repair grout, you can use Sentura – a powerful adhesive which fills in the voids.


Step 4: Taping Tile to Make the Process Easier for You:

If you do not want the epoxy grout paint to stain your tile, then you can use painters tape to tape the tile. This is a very tedious process but after taping tile, grout lines will clearly show through and you can easily do a grout painting job giving a very smooth and refined look.

Step 5: Epoxy Sealing/Painting Grout Using Paint Brush:

For painting grout lines, you need to use good epoxy paint. Caponi is an excellent epoxy paint and the only shower approved epoxy grout sealer. Once the grout is cleaned and prepped up, then you apply Caponi, it enters the pores and shuts them, delivering a waterproof surface.


If you are wondering whether does painting grout last, then the answer is Yes! As you have used an epoxy grout paint – Caponi, it will deliver a permanent result and will never wear off. As Caponi is available in more than 40 shades, it is a great option to recolor grout lines in the desired color. Grout Paint Brush for Painting Shower Grout Lines

The brush for painting grout has to be of very good quality. You need to use the grout paint brush from pFOkUS that delivers the perfect strokes and helps to seal multiple grout lines of different sizes in just one stroke. This Italian made 1.5” wide grout paint brush has high-performance bristles and an intense adhesive glue that ensures longevity.

Step 6: Cleaning Excess Paint Build Up:

Lastly, use Alco to remove the excess paint build-up of Caponi and Sentura to get neat looking grout lines. Alco is a paint-thinner from pFOkUS that helps to get rid of the unwanted build-up easily. It is an alcohol-based product and delivers a final finish to your grout painting job.

Please follow this process to freshen up your shower tile grout lines and ensure beautiful and hygienic surfaces for long. Do not leave grout dirty as it can deteriorate further and spoil the entire tile surface eventually. Sealing shower grout lines ensures that you achieve a hygienic surrounding.

Watch this video for sealing shower grout line.

Leave us a comment below, and let us know if you have tried these steps using pFOkUS products. What were your results? And do share this article on Facebook.


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