Thanksgiving DIY Projects: 5 Things to Do to Make Your Home Guest-Ready

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Thanksgiving is almost here and you might be very busy cleaning your homes, re-stocking your fridge and pantry, preparing menu for guests, etc. Phew! It does feel good to have guests over for a Thanksgiving feast, but it also awakens the homemaker inside us desperate to make our homes spic and span to impress our guests. These tasks can be quite taxing, especially if you don’t have a proper plan in mind. You can easily get clueless about what and where to start from. So, while you are short of time and yet want to clean and prep your homes to make it guest-ready, we have a small list prepared that will get you all sorted. These are easy Thanksgiving DIY projects that can make your home sparkle without much ado.

Man Getting Ready to Work on Thanksgiving DIY Project

Follow these DIY Home Improvement Ideas to make your Home Ready for Thanksgiving:

  • Stock your Fridge and Pantry:

With guests coming over, you can expect children of all age groups and being a good host, you should cater to their sudden hunger pangs and cravings. Coming up ‘Sorry, I don’t have this at home right now’, can only make those tiny guests unhappy and you don’t want to do that, do  you! So, it is a great idea to stock up your fridge with some easy and instant cooking snacks. Ensure that you have a variety of fruits, crackers, cookies, pastries, jellies and jams, stocked up well.

  • Vacuum all Carpets, Curtains, and Sofas:

Dusty interiors can bring about sudden spasms of sneezes and coughs. It is a good idea to suck in all kinds of dust from your carpets, curtains, cushions and sofas. Make your interiors breathe clean. Vacuuming will also give a fresh and clean look to your homes, thereby impressing your guests.

  • Clean and Seal your Floorings and Countertops:

You might argue that guests are anyways going to spill, so why not clean after they go. But if we tell you that we have an option that will prevent your floorings and countertops getting spoiled due to spillage, you will be surprised. Your DIY home maintenance is incomplete without cleaning and sealing your floorings and countertops. Sealing is an efficient way to protect your surfaces from absorbing liquid spills. But before you seal your surfaces with a topical resin sealer, you need to clean them well using deep-penetrating surface cleaners. Such cleaners eliminate all traces of mold, stains and mildew from your flooring and countertops, revealing a fresh looking surface. After cleaning, sealing tile and grout with epoxy resin sealers will make them water-proof. With restored surfaces, your homes will look new and well-maintained. This will definitely impress your guests and also make your home party-ready.

Kitchen Floor and Countertop Looking Sanitized and Sparkling after Cleaning and Sealing the Surfaces

  • Clean and Seal all Glass Surfaces:

Glass looks elegant when used in home interiors. It is commonly used in shelves, shower glass doors, cabinets, tabletops, etc. But over the years, your glass surfaces might have accumulated lots of grime, dirt and not to forget, etching marks if you have used acidic cleaners to clean them. For home improvement before Thanksgiving, consider cleaning your glass surfaces with good quality glass cleaners and do not forget to seal them to prevent re-staining.

  • Bathroom/Shower Restoration:

All your guests coming home for Thanksgiving party will be using your bathroom. It is very important that you include restoring the shower in your checklist. Use a high-quality cleaner to first clean the flooring and walls. Then scrub the glass doors and shelves with a glass approved cleaner. Once done, proceed to sealing these surfaces to prevent re-staining. If your caulk is peeling or you have chips and cracks in your tile, use resin fillers to seal the gaps.

A Bathroom with Tile, Grout, and Shower Glass Door Cleaned and Sealed to Perfection

Indulge in these important Thanksgiving DIY projects and call for professional help wherever necessary. It is important to get your homes party-ready before guests arrive. This vigorous cleaning checklist is also enough for your Fall cleaning regimen.

Once you have tackled all the above-mentioned Thanksgiving DIY projects, your home is pretty much ready for guests before they arrive on Thanksgiving, and is also winter-ready. If you are worried about investing a good amount of money on high-quality cleaners and sealers, then we have some great news for you.

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