Tips on Cleaning a Stone Fireplace Surround

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Having a stone fireplace in your halls or bedrooms can be the most comforting and essential thing in cold winters. But with all the warmth and comfort, comes some inevitable maintenance, which if ignored, can lead your fireplaces to look dark, dirty and sooty. Smoke and soot can waft out and make your stone fireplace look dingy. In order to put the sparkle back in your hearth, you don’t need a pro. Cleaning a stone fireplace can be easy when done with an efficient cleaner.

Tips on Cleaning a Stone Fireplace Surround

The most common flooring or hearth for a fireplace is that of stone. People install natural stone like marble, granite, slate and travertine in their fireplaces to get a more rustic and traditional vibe. The more modern choices are limestone and soapstone. But all these stones require maintenance as natural stone is highly porous. Over a period of time, the soot, debris and dirt will get into the pores, giving a very dirty appearance to the surface. The hearth easily gets stained, molded and sooty, which not only tarnishes the overall look of your fireplace but also makes it less effective.

A Perfect Stone Fireplace Cleaning Product - Imperia Deep Cleaner

For cleaning a stone fireplace, the prime requirement is a good stone cleaner. You have to get a cleaner which is deep penetrating and also non-acidic for fear of tarnishing the stone surface. Meet Imperia Deep Clean, a superb cleaner, which is a deep soaking. It is capable of eliminating all the grime, soot and dirt at the root level. When used frequently during cold winter months, the pores collect the soot and start looking dirty and blackish. This fireplace cleaner helps in removing the deep-settled soot and the fireplace mold settled inside the pores. It is alkaline and hence gentle on the surface. It does not damage the integrity of the surface. This stone fireplace cleaner does not leave any residue or any chemical odor. It is extremely cost-efficient as it comes in a concentrated bottle and can be diluted up to 1 gallon.

Tips on: How to Clean a Stone Fireplace Surround?

  • Allow your fireplace to cool for a minimum of 12 hours after extinguishing the last fire.
  • Place a tarp on nearby furniture to prevent them from cleaning liquid and soot debris.
  • Next, use a broom and dustpan to collect any ash or debris on the floor. Leaving such debris on the hearth will make your cleaning activity difficult. You can also use a vacuum cleaner to suck up minute airborne dust and soot particles.
  • Always wear goggles and gloves before you start cleaning your stone fireplace. The soot might get into your eyes and your hands might get all dark and dirty.
  • Next, spray the entire hearth and surrounding area with Imperia Deep Clean. This deep action fireplace stain remover will work on the spots of soot and loosen the bonds, making it easier for you to eliminate them easily from the surface.
  • Spray the incredible deep stain cleaner and scrub gently. Retract the remnants to reveal a clean and sparkling flooring beneath.
  • After cleaning the flooring with this mold cleaner you need to assure that soot and dirt does not penetrate your stone surfaces repeatedly. Securing and sealing the hearth with a stone sealer prevents such occurrence. Use Celine – a high-quality natural stone sealer, that forms a protective barrier on the surface, thereby preventing it from further stains.

Scrubbing with this stone cleaner is undoubtedly the best way to clean the fireplace. It removes all the deep-etched traces of mold and soot and makes your fireplace shiny and sparkly just like new. Stone fireplaces should be cleaned regularly once a month in order to maintain their integrity and beauty and with a cleaning partner like Imperia Deep Clean, this task becomes easy-breezy!

If you have guests coming over, then do follow the above-mentioned tips on cleaning a stone fireplace surround and achieve a neat and clean surface. For more information on caring for surfaces made of marble and other types of natural stone, such as granite, travertine, limestone, and slate, reach out to pFOkUS at 1-800-977-8313.


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