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Shower door sweep seals wipe replacement plastic piece pfokus quality

Finding the correct
glass size- is key.

Shower glass are in popular demand and they do come with little to no maintenance. Replacing the shower door sweep is one of the line items on the maintenance list. Our DS9371 frameless shower door sweep comes in many size – 32”, 36” or 98” lengths.

Thickness of glass
5/16” (8mm)
3/8” (10mm)
1/2” (12mm)
How to measure glass>
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DS9371 Frameless Shower Door Sweep replacement plastic piece
shower door sweep seals replacement plastic piece pfokus quality
DS9371 Frameless Shower Door Sweep replacement plastic piece pfokus quality

A shower door sweep
with a replaceable seal.

The key to our DS9371 frameless shower door sweep – is the replaceable T-shape (DS9397) seal that is comes with the DS9371 sweep. Instead of replacing the entire sweep in the future, simply just replace the T-shape seal.
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glass shower door sweep seals wipe replacement plastic piece pfokus quality
 Other Companies Sweep vs pFOkUS Shower Door Sweep

Polycarbonate sets the standard in durability for shower door sweeps — it’s the most durable material yet. We do not sell cheaper imported plastic sweeps. Polycarbonate has more of a natural clear look, stronger, and will hold to the glass better.


Make your shower
glass look new.

Now you can restore the clarity of your shower glass and remove all the water etching and the water dots. Simple massage your glass with Benaz and the white scratch free pad and watch the clarity come to life.
Benaz shower glass polish >
Benaz glass restoration video >
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Benaz - The Best Cleaner for Glass Shower Doors
Valore - Shower Glass Protector and Sealer

Eliminate squeegeeing.
Simply seal your glass.

Imagine a shower glass door that is sealed and water dots are never a problem. With Valore – a cleaner and sealer, simply spray your shower glass and wipe clean. It is that easy – Valore bonds instantly. With new glass, simply just apply Valore and with older glass, use Benaz to remove all the etching and any other sealer that maybe present.
Valore glass spray sealant >
How to seal shower glass video >
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questions blue

Questions about DS9371?
Here are our answers.

Does the T-shape seal come with the sweep?


What is the most popular door width?

They all vary. If you do not know your glass door size please measure it or order the longer 36” sweep and cut it to fit.

Do you have longer replacement fin to cover a larger gap?

No. We have a sweep that will fill a 1-1/8” gap. Shower door seal DS9371-1 >

Can I trim or cut the sweep with scissors?

No. You can cut the T-shape seal with scissors but the sweep is very durable and will need to be cut with a better tool.

Will the replacement seal fall out?

No. This is one of our most popular DS9371 Frameless Shower Door Sweep.

How do I determine my glass thickness?

We developed an entire page for you. How to measure glass thickness >

Where do I purchase more replacement seals for the sweep?

Clicking the link will take you to the DS9397 page. DS9397 seal replacement >

How long will the T-shape seal last for?

We recommend replacing every two years but depending on the surface the seal wipes over could alter.



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