Valore Maintenance

Valore Maintenance is a remarkable shower glass cleaner which is very useful for maintaining your glass doors. A unique combination of glass cleaner and sealer, Valore Maintenance has been designed with Repela – Technology that cleans and seals simultaneously. Its molecular invisible bonding chemicals attach to all the fixtures, glass and such others preventing the formation of any further stains or dots. This glass door sealer and cleaner also repels water at a hydrophilic level making the water sheet off the glass surface. It prevents water dots, corrosion and soap scum from forming on the glass. You can preserve the beauty of the glass with this shower glass protector with very little effort.

But, it can be a very tough job to maintain the cleanliness of a door that has lost its clarity with all the hard dots. In that case, you need to perform the complete glass restoration using powerful products. Not only do we design a shower glass maintenance product, we offer the complete glass restoration products.


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