Best Efflorescence Cleaner and Remove - Zido
Best Efflorescence Cleaner and Remove - Zido

Working at the speed of dissolution.
With little to no tools required.

Designed for those who defy limits and change the way restoration was envisioned. The new Zido formulation is by far the most powerful efflorescence dissolution ever made. Perform a complete restoration without destroying the substrate. Once Zido comes into contact with efflorescence (calcium) it brings a whole new class of performance – dissolving every last pore of the efflorescence. Zido comes in a 8 oz bottle with one yorker cap for pinpoint accuracy when applying the solution.

Chemistry of Efflorescence Cleaner and Remover - Zido

The power of Chemistry.
Taken further.

Understanding the innovation behind Zido and thought process behind it. We had many customers complain about efflorescence destroying their brick and tile – they needed a way to remove the efflorescence without taking many hours nor physical labor. We took a low acidic base solution and formulated it with a pleasant fragrance to keep the odor down. The Zido will react with the calcium and neutralizes itself while attacking the calcium.
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Chemistry of Efflorescence Cleaner and Remover - Zido
Best Efflorescence Remover - Zido
Best Efflorescence Remover - Zido

What is efflorescence.
Is this the curse that has taken over.

It grows over the surface, looks like a white grout or concrete and sometimes with a grayish tint. It is as hard like grout and it can flake off the surface. It’s called “efflorescence,” and it’s a crystalline deposit of salts often seen on the surface of concrete, brick, stucco or natural stone surfaces. It occurs when water leaves behind salt deposits and is present on or in the masonry surface.
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Best Shower Efflorescence Cleaner and Remover - Zido

Faster than you can take a shower.

Removing efflorescence inside the drain and off the tile shower – takes less time than taking a shower. Zido will not damage the PVC drains. The goal is to waterproof the surface to help eliminate efflorescence from coming back. Learn more about why the efflorescence goes on the shower floor and inside the drain and the directions on using the Zido inside showers and drains.
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Best Shower Efflorescence Cleaner and Remover - Zido
Best Brick Efflorescence Cleaner and Remover - Zido
Best Brick Efflorescence Cleaner and Remover - Zido

Zido goes where no
cleaner would dare.

Zido is incredibly capable while still being easy to apply and use. Chemistry is most powerful when everyone can use it. Removing calcium from brick and concrete is the same process. We will discuss more on how to remove efflorescence off brick and how to seal the surface to prevent the growth. In addition to being a great calcium remover, Zido will clean concrete, mortar and grout making the surface look new again.
Directions efflorescence brick or concrete >
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Best pool Efflorescence Cleaner and Remover - Zido

Get more out of your pool – then mineral deposits and efflorescence.

Mineral deposits not only destroy the appearance of your pool, they also destroy the grout and tile if not removed. We go in deeper depth to teach how to remove efflorescence and mineral deposits, repair and seal the grout, and seal all the tiles.
Directions efflorescence pools >
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Best pool Efflorescence Cleaner and Remover - Zido

Questions about Zido?
We have answers.

Is Zido a strong cleaner to remove soil?

Yes. Zido is an acid with cleaning detergents. Zido will clean grout, mortar, concrete, slate, granite and brick.

Does Zido etch Marble?

Yes. We do not recommend using Zido on marble, limestone, travertine and any other acid sensitive stone. Contractors use it on marble, limestone and all acid sensitive stones because the stone is already damaged from the efflorescence. We don’t recommend it but yes it can be used.

Does Zido have to be washed with water after cleaning the surface?

Yes. It is always better to wash any surface with water afterwards, that was cleaned with Zido.

What happened if Zido was used on travertine?

On all acid sensitive stones (marble, limestone, travertine, onyx) Zido will etch the surface making a shiny surface dull.

Does Zido have a smell?

Zido has an odor to it but we fragrance the product to mask the smell.

Does Zido damage ceramic and porcelain tile?

No. If Zido is applied and washed down with water once completed, there will be no damage. If Zido is left on the surface for more than 24 hours it could damage the tile.

What happens if Zido gets in my pool water?

Zido will only lower the ph of the pool water. Once all the tiles have been cleaned, an alkalinity may have to be used to bring the ph back up.

Best Efflorescence Cleaner and Remover - Zido - pFOkUS


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