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Thanksgiving is almost here and you might be very busy cleaning your homes, re-stocking your fridge and pantry, preparing menu for guests, etc. Phew! It does feel good to have... Read More >

Get Ready to Make Your Home Spic and Span this Thanksgiving

pFOkUS - the leading tile, grout, stone and glass restoration products manufacturing company is forever dedicated to the service of its customers. With excellence in its product range, our company... Read More >

Fall Season Sale 2019

Etch marks easily form on natural stone. A wine spill, a lemon drop or some other acidic beverage spill can immediately cause ugly scars on your beloved and costly natural... Read More >

How To Remove and Prevent Etch Marks On Natural Stone

Some of you might have never heard of grout before. It is the mixture of cement and sand added between two tiles to join them. Just like natural stone, grout... Read More >

Ultimate tile Grout Cleaner - pFOkUS

Kitchen countertops are prone to maximum wear and tear. Rough use, oil leaks, cutting and chopping of vegetables and fruits often lead to staining and discoloration of the tile. Moreover... Read More >

Countertop clean

Cleaning, repairing, maintaining, and restoring tile and grout is a very detailed process that requires a thorough procedure and exquisitely designed products. While some of you do the tile cleaning... Read More >

Marble Caulk Elimination1 -B copy

Dealing with grout can be really irritating. The fine lines that join your tile are called grout. Made from cement and sand, it is very porous and absorbs any moisture... Read More >


Do you really want to refresh your shower tile grout lines? Do you see deep-rooted stains on the tile grout? Want to know the perfect method on how to clean... Read More >

In 6 Step to Refresh Up your Shower Tile Grout Lines

Granite countertops are one of the most preferred stones for kitchen countertops and rightly so, as they are more durable and tougher than various other varieties. But if you think... Read More >

Take Care of your Granite Using High-Quality Granite Polish

As we celebrate our homeland’s Independence Day on the 4th of July, pFOkUS envisions all American homes independent of dirt, grime, dust, stains and mold. Independence can come in various... Read More >

Celebrate Independence Day 4th of July with pFOkUS


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