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Grout is an inevitable and important part of your bathroom flooring. It is a sand and cement-based adhesive that joins two tiles. But, it is highly porous and has the... Read More >

Caring for Grout in your Bathroom

Efflorescence on tile and grout is a curse on the decorative look of your showers. But not only does it ruin the aesthetic beauty, if not removed, it can clog... Read More >


Home cleaning is no easy task. Many people avoid hiring professionals to save cost, but what they do not realize is that eventually, their surfaces can ruin completely, leading to... Read More >

Service or DIY for Home Cleaning

Home decor today has advanced engineering and modern technology. This includes installing better tile, grout, glass and such other basics of building a residential or commercial complex. Today, it is... Read More >

How to Change the Color of Your Grout - Caponi

Winter is around the corner and you might be looking for a stone fireplace cleaner to prep up the area around your fireplace before you get it started. A stone... Read More >

Best Stone Fireplace Cleaner - Imperia Deep Clean - pFOkUS

Investing in marble flooring for your new bathrooms is definitely going to make your interiors look rich and elegant. But unfortunately, the sheen and brilliance of marble is very fragile... Read More >

White Marble Bathroom Maintenance

The internet is buzzing with so many DIY home remedies and cleaners for floor grout cleaning that many of you get attracted. You will assume that cleaning your floor tile... Read More >

Best Grout Cleaner of 2021

Granite stone is elegance personified. It is quite durable and adds beauty to your floorings, countertops and showers. But this stone does not come without flaws of its own. Granite... Read More >

Granite stone - pFOkUS

Even the best quality travertine stone gets dull in a few years if not cleaned, maintained and sealed well. Travertine flooring, countertops and showers become dull over time due to... Read More >

Travertine Flooring Review Pros and Cons

Marble stone is widely used in residential and commercial complexes’ walls, flooring, countertops and showers. This porous natural stone oozes of charm, elegance and luxury. But it also needs to... Read More >

Marble stone - pFOkUS


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