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Stained and dirty tile and grout can be a nightmare to deal with. These not only make your surface unhealthy but also ruin the aesthetic appeal of your shower, floor... Read More >

floor cleaner - Imperia Deep Clean

Soap scum and stains easily ruin the look of your shower doors. These are quite tough to remove with regular products available on the Big Box Stores. Some acidic cleaners... Read More >

Benaz-Glass-Water-Spot-Remover-pFOkUS Deals

Your beloved festival is just around the corner, and we are sure you might have loads of to-do lists before the big day arrives. As you move from pillar to... Read More >

Christmas: How to Clean Your Home

You install natural stone like granite, marble, quartz, limestone, slate and such others on your flooring and countertops because of the lovely rustic look they impart. Natural stone imparts a... Read More >

avoid acidic cleaners- featured image -pFOkUS

Tile, grout and shower restoration products are often misused and hence you do not get the best results. While some products are not as efficient as they claim to be... Read More >

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Caulking, which was once considered a solace, has now become very annoying and burdensome. An Epoxy Shower Caulk is a silicone or acrylic based substance that is applied to shower... Read More >


Thanksgiving is almost here and you might be very busy cleaning your homes, re-stocking your fridge and pantry, preparing menu for guests, etc. Phew! It does feel good to have... Read More >

man-getting-ready-to-work-on-thanksgiving-diy-project-featured image

pFOkUS - the leading tile, grout, stone and glass restoration products manufacturing company is forever dedicated to the service of its customers. With excellence in its product range, our company... Read More >

fall-season-sale-pFOkUS featured image

Etch marks easily form on natural stone. A wine spill, a lemon drop or some other acidic beverage spill can immediately cause ugly scars on your beloved and costly natural... Read More >

how-to-remove-prevent-etch-marks-on-natural-stone-featured image

Some of you might have never heard of grout before. It is the mixture of cement and sand added between two tiles to join them. Just like natural stone, grout... Read More >



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