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The slightest crack or stain on your costly floor tile can make your heart skip a beat. But, then how do you always monitor your flooring’s integrity? It may get... Read More >

7 Common Types of Floor Damage and How to Fix them

Natural stone travertine has many takers when it comes to interior decoration. Some prefer to use this costly stone for their floors and counters, while some get a travertine shower... Read More >


Are you looking for ways to earn some extra cash every month? Affiliate programs are amazing methods to build profitable partnerships with companies and earn a good income without having... Read More >

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Are you looking for a part time job that can give you some extra income? If you have some interest in tile and grout related fields, then we have some... Read More >

pFOkUS - Affliate

There are times when you want to save a few bucks on professional cleaning services and want to do it yourself. Whether it is your home or commercial complex, cleaning... Read More >

tile grout cleaning - DIY

Travertine is a costly natural stone, yet it is preferred by many of you for your showers, floorings and countertops because of the rustic beauty it imparts. But over the... Read More >

Travertine Floor Shine

Often while cleaning tile, you ignore the grout. It is the thin line found between two tiles. The purpose of this grout is to join the tiles. It is made... Read More >

5 Mistakes People make when Cleaning Grout

Are you freaking out thinking how to get your house spic and span before your favorite festival? Thanksgiving is one of the favorite festivals of Americans as one gets to... Read More >

Thanksgiving cleaning checklist

Thanksgiving is approaching at a lightning speed and while you all love to spend the festival with friends and family, you also need to plan a lot. This annual custom... Read More >

thanksgiving 2020 - pFOkUS

Installing a quartz countertop in your kitchens is a great idea as it is a very durable natural stone and also imparts a beautiful look to the interiors. A kitchen... Read More >

how to clean countertop


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