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Glass setting blocks match glass shower doors and make your bathroom interiors look elegant. Another advantage of using glass setting blocks is that they have no color constraint. As they... Read More >

glass setting blocks

Efflorescence is a common occurrence taking place in most hard surfaces that are constantly wet, damp or prone to water splashes. These include showers, pool areas, kitchen sinks, tank surroundings... Read More >

efflorence removal tips - pFOkUS

Do you find your floors damaged, dirty and stained? Often you feel like indulging in a do-it-yourself floor cleaning and restoration job because you do not want to pay for... Read More >

floor cleaner - pFOkUS copy

A glass protector is an important need for most of you who face hard water dots and stains on the glass. These dots are nothing but the deposits of calcium... Read More >

Waterproof your Glass Doors with an Incredible Glass Sealer

Festivals are a time when friends and family gather to enjoy some delicious meals and merry-making. One such festival is Easter. It reminds us of chocolate bunnies and decorated Easter... Read More >

This Easter Achieve a Clean Surface Using pFOkUS Floor Tile Grout Cleaning Product

Have you ever wondered why people go to lavish hotels to stay for a couple of days? The very idea of living in a fragrant, beautiful and well-maintained hotel room... Read More >

Complete Shower Restoration with Health and Hygiene

Do you really want to refresh your shower tile grout lines? Do you see deep-rooted stains on the tile grout? Want to know the perfect method on how to clean... Read More >

In 6 Step to Refresh Up your Shower Tile Grout Lines

Shower glass adds an aesthetic appeal to your bathrooms. But, its sole purpose is to prevent water from leaking outside and making the rest of the surface wet. If your... Read More >

How to Stop Water Leakage from Shower Doors

Installing a shower door in our bathrooms has become a must for most of us these days as they not only keep the bathroom dry but also enhances the interior... Read More >


The best quality about glass is that it looks elegant and enhances your interior spaces like no other material. But, when a glass surface gets covered with hard water stains... Read More >

hard water dots and calcium deposits


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