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Do you often feel frustrated scrubbing away the hard water stains and soap scum forming on your glass doors all the time? Irrespective of how much effort you put in... Read More >

glass sealer - pFOkUS

Festivals bring a lot of pomp and joy but they also come with a lot of responsibilities. With families and guests visiting us, you all want to lay the most... Read More >


Have you ever noticed a thick white salt like powdery substance covering your tile and grout? No matter how much you scrub it, it does not leave the surface. This... Read More >

Efflorescence Remover & Cleaner

The knowledge of a high quality travertine tile cleaner and sealer can prevent your costly stone from getting dull. If you had installed the best quality of travertine tile a... Read More >

trverine cleaner and remover

The best quality about glass is that it looks elegant and enhances your interior spaces like no other material. But, when a glass surface gets covered with hard water stains... Read More >

hard water dots and calcium deposits

Grout forms an important part of your bathroom flooring. You often find this grout cracked or missing in some places, leading to rough edges and water stagnancy. Grout is also... Read More >

Restore Your Bathroom with the Best Epoxy Grout Sealer

Are you fed up with mold and mildew in your showers and tubs? Showers are always damp and mold loves dampness. It starts breeding at the corners and from there... Read More >


Dry shower areas ooze of luxury and comfort. To keep your bathrooms dry, you invest in expensive glass shower doors and costly fittings that not only help to keep your... Read More >

Shower Door Bottom Seals - pFOkUS

Travertine can be used on your dining table counters, bar countertops, kitchen countertops and many other platforms in a home or a commercial complex as it is quite durable, beautiful... Read More >

how to seal travertine countertop

When cleaning floors, countertops, walls or showers, grout is often ignored. The stained grout lines ruin the look of your surfaces even if your tile is clean. In this article... Read More >

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