Sentura Epoxy Shower Caulk
Sentura Epoxy Shower Caulk Remover

Sentura – the best caulk remover.

Sentura is a product like no other.  One that changes the way you do things and what you think is possible from the moment you start using it.
See all the features below how Sentura become the best caulk remover.
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Caulking Molds Mildews Peels Cracks pfOkUS

Don’t replace caulk.
Eliminate it forever.

Stained, bulky caulk ruins any shower. Our chemist started by redesigning the way the finished product looked with the thinnest most durable lines possible. Completing a restoration to the fullest is, should be second nature to you. Do not use caulk for any application, no matter how small the job – don’t sacrifice quality, only use Sentura.
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Don't Replace Caulk Eliminate it Forever with Sentura Caulk Remover
How to repair cracked grout lines DSapone tile con

The ungrateful crack.

Sentura can rectify the cracking grout issues with its formulated flexible nature.

Sentura Caulk Remover can Rectify the Cracking Grout Issues
Grout Cracking
Sentura Caulk Remover puts a Smile on your Cracked Tile

Experience the crack of a smile.

Sentura puts a smile on your cracked tile. Color blending and polishing give your crack a perfected look.
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Recaulking around toliet mold
Toilet Sealing and Sanitizing at a Fresh Level made easy with Sentura Caulk Remover

Toilet sealing and
sanitizing at a fresh level.

Now toilets get some sanitizing love. Imagine a toilet with no moisture dwelling under the edges nor molded caulk around it.
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Travertine Tile Hole Repair Lime pop D'Sapone

Sentura is not just a
better stone filler.
It’s better in every way.

The travertine fillers on the market are
constructed with no adhesives. So using fillers or grout will just pop out again. Sentura is formulated with a 1200psi adhesion which will never pop out. Color match Sentura with Caponi to the stones natural color.
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Sentura Caulk Remover - The Best Stone Filler
Caponi Grout Sealer Mixed Sentura Filler

Over 40 different colors.
While mixing Sentura.

Simply add Caponi to Sentura and blend, mix, match and color the Sentura to the tile and or natural stone.
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Add Caponi Epoxy Grout Sealer to Sentura Caulk Remover

Questions about Sentura caulk remover?
We have answers.

Does Sentura come in colors?

No. Sentura only comes in white, therefore add Caponi for colors.

Can Sentura be used on cultured marble?

Yes. Only use Sentura when the cultured marble has minimal movement. Create a void and fill with Sentura, as this will support the joint. Do not use Sentura on plastic thin basins.

How long will we have to apply Sentura since it is a two part catalyst?

Sentura has a longer working time when Caponi is added. Working time can range from 2-4 hours to tool.

Does Sentura have a bad smell?

Sentura has little to no smell at all.

Sentura is thick and we are not adding Caponi, how do we thin?

Sentura is made of 100% solids. Warming Sentura in hot water for 10 minutes (bathroom sink) will thin the Sentura for easier application.

What is the largest gap Sentura will fill?

Sentura can be used to sculpt a larger statue. Sentura does not have a weak point.

What do we use to smooth Sentura out and or clean up.

Use a sponge and bucket of water to smooth and or a tool. We use our thinner which is a high concentrate of alcohol instead of a toxic thinner to clean tools if needed.

Sentura Caulk Remover with 2 Part Epoxy Sealant
Sentura Caulk Replacement Shower Molds


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