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Granite countertops are one of the most preferred stones for kitchen countertops and rightly so, as they are more durable and tougher than various other varieties. But if you think... Read More >

Take Care of your Granite Using High-Quality Granite Polish

As we celebrate our homeland’s Independence Day on the 4th of July, pFOkUS envisions all American homes independent of dirt, grime, dust, stains and mold. Independence can come in various... Read More >

Celebrate Independence Day 4th of July with pFOkUS

Rust is often seen on steel, iron and stone. It develops on just any surface which has iron deposits. Natural stone tile is also prone to rust formation because of... Read More >

Imperia Deep Cleaner to remove rust stains from stone surfaces

Having a stone fireplace in your halls or bedrooms can be the most comforting and essential thing in cold winters. But with all the warmth and comfort, comes some inevitable... Read More >

Tips on Cleaning a Stone Fireplace Surround

Do you feel you have been spending a lot of your productive hours only on cleaning your glass shower doors? Many homemakers have been complaining of this tedious task and... Read More >

Clean Glass Shower Doors with High-Quality Glass Cleaning and Sealing Products

Grout is often ignored as just a dense liquid used to fill in the gaps between two tiles. But this grout plays a big role in tile cleanliness and overall... Read More >

Caponi - The Best Product to Make your Shower Grout Stain Resistant

Festivals are a time when friends and family gather to enjoy over some delicious meals and merry-making. One such festival is our Easter. It reminds us of chocolate bunnies and... Read More >

This Easter Achieve a Clean Surface Using pFOkUS Floor Tile Grout Cleaning Product

Bathtubs are made from different materials like acrylic, enamel cast iron, fiberglass, porcelain enamel and cast enamels like cultured marble. All these materials have a different look, unique appeal factor... Read More >

Preserve your Cultured Marble Tubs using a Quality Bathtub Cleaner

Installing a shower door in our bathrooms has become a must for most of us these days as they not only keep the bathroom dry but also enhances the interior... Read More >

Glass Door Seal is the Solutions for Fixing the Shower Door Leaks

Cleaning your shower glass doors can be quite taxing and time-consuming. No matter how much time and effort you put in cleaning them, they get dirty with the very next... Read More >

Before and After Image of Framed Glass Shower Door


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