Why is pFOkUS Caponi Grout Sealer Better than Water Based Sealers

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Sealing grout is a relatively new concept that was quite unheard of a few years ago. Grout is a delicate mixture made from cement and sand that is poured in between two tiles to join them. Traditionally, people had to regrout their floors every once a year to restore their floorings. But, as every problem creates a demand for solutions, scientists came up with grout sealers.

Initially, water-based grout sealers were introduced on the markets. But people soon realized that these gave temporary results. Furthermore, with advanced technology and scientific research, today we have permanent solvent-based grout sealers. In this blog, we shall highlight the importance of using a grout sealer and also throw light on how good the pFOkUS Caponi Grout Sealer is.

Epoxy Grout Sealer - Caponi

Common Issues Faced by People Regarding Sealing Grout Lines:

  • Permeability:

As grout is made from cement and sand, it is highly permeable. You may be able to wipe off stains and mold from the top surface of your stone tile or non-natural tile. But, you cannot prevent the deep penetration of dirty liquids inside the pores of the grout and porous tile.

  • Discoloration and Staining:

An unsealed grout gets stained, dirty, covered with mold, and even discolored within a few months. The stains and dirt are developed because the surface attracts dirt easily and the dirty water that penetrates inside grout makes it look stained and dirty. Moreover, if you use acidic cleaners to clean grout, it may get discolored and patchy too.

  • Temporary Sealing Results:

When people used water-based sealers to seal grout lines, they offered only temporary results. The reason is that water-based sealers are quick to wear off with light scrubbing or the use of strong floor cleaners. Even when people spent a considerable amount of time and money sealing their grout lines, they only got temporary results for a few months, after which, their grouts again became vulnerable to stains, mold, and dirt. This leads to a continuous need for grout sealing and re-grouting every few months.

So, when you seal your grout lines with water-based sealers, the situation is almost equivalent to using no grout sealant at all. These common and recurrent issues led our scientists to the development of a better and permanent grout sealer. Meet pFOkUS Caponi Grout Sealer. It is the only shower-approved grout sealer and hands down, one of the best on the market currently. Let us see why and how.

What is the Best Sealer for Grout?

Caponi is regarded as the best solvent-based shower-approved grout titanium sealer that makes your grout lines water-proof, stain-free, mold-free, secured, preserved and beautiful for long.

pfokus caponi - epoxy grout sealer

Caponi is built on a 2-part-solvent titanium resin/epoxy foundation. It is not bulky and does its job in just one coat by bonding to the surface with its 1285psi adhesion. Caponi will forever eliminate your need for re-grouting, as it gives permanent results. It is available in 40 different colors and hence can be easily matched with tile colors. Caponi is the best stain-proof grout sealer for showers and can be used for sealing both sanded and unsanded grout.


This 2-part epoxy grout sealer has the following benefits:

  • Waterproofs Grout:

Sealing grout will prevent it from changing grout color. Often soap scum, shampoos and lotions leave a nasty stain on the grout, leading to discoloration. Caponi waterproofs your grout and prevents discoloration. Caponi repels oil and water stains. It penetrates deep into the grout surface leaving a 4 mil thickness on the surface.

  • Available in More than 40 Shades

Caponi is used as a colored grout sealer as it is available in more than 40 shades. All these shades are in earthy or neutral hues just like the ones available in tile. You can easily match the tile color with the grout color using Caponi.

  • Prevents Moisture and Dirt Penetration:

Caponi is an epoxy resin sealer and it helps in forming a waterproof grout by preventing further entry of moisture and liquids. Often the moisture that penetrated through the grout leads to mold breeding, which further deteriorates the tile surface. It is suitable for all kinds of wet areas, both interiors and exteriors.

  • Titanium Pigmented:

The astounding Caponi from pFOkUS is a product like no other! Our epoxy grout sealer has carved a niche for itself in the industry owing to its power-packed performance and quality. Caponi is thick enough to fill hairline cracks. This master sealer is backed by titanium and delivers its job in just one coat. It seals all the grout lines, pits and cracks permanently. Invented by our passionate scientists after years of research, Caponi has proved true to its description. The two-part solvent catalyst makes the sealer chemical resistant.

  • Lovely Fresh Lavender Aroma:

Caponi comes in a lovely lavender fragrance that leaves a fresh and lingering aroma after use. This fragrance masks the chemical smell.

  • Easily Scrubbed:

Caponi is the only grout sealer that can be scrubbed using a grout brush without getting damaged. If you want to restore your grout or remove the sealer for some other restoration purposes, you can scrub it off using a grout brush and it will not damage the grout. Other water-based sealers cannot be scrubbed, and they end up damaging the grout lines. When applied, it is durable and it does not peel or flake.

  • Packaging:

It comes in two aluminum bottle packs named A and B. The contents from part A and part B have to be mixed in a separate container before using. They are highly concentrated and need only a single coat application.


Usage Directions:


  • Caponi kit containing Part A and Part B bottles
  • Empty container
  • Paint Brush
  • Alco


  • Ensure that the grout is clean and dry before you start applying Caponi.
  • Moreover, if your grout is broken or loose, you can fix it using our permanent solvent Sentura, which is a grout filler. After ensuring that all the grout is in place, you can seal it.
  • Caponi contains part A and part B sealant, which have to be mixed separately in a container using a mixing stick which is available in the kit.
  • Apply the sealant in a smooth and even coat over the grout lines using a paint brush.
  • Keep spraying Alco on the paint brush to prevent the sealer from drying. You need to take care that you do not miss out any part of the grout.
  • Next, after applying Caponi on the grout lines, also wipe off the excess build-up using Alco – a paint thinner.
  • After cleaning with Alco, let Caponi dry completely.


Difference Between Caponi and Water Based Sealers:

Water-Based Sealers Caponi
Water-Based sealers wear off within a few months. Caponi gives permanent results by waterproofing your grout for a long time.
Water-Based sealers when scrubbed off using a scrubber may damage the grout lines. Caponi can be easily scrubbed using a grout brush without damaging the grout lines.
Water-Based sealers only have adhesion of 275psi. Caponi has an adhesion of 1285psi.
Water-based sealers do not give a high-quality waterproofing result. Likewise, even after sealing with water-based sealers, 15% water absorption is noticed. Caponi shows only 0.01% water absorption results.
Exterior durability appears faded after a year of sealing with water-based sealers. Caponi gives excellent exterior durability and appearance even after a year of application.
Water-based sealers do not have a good chemical resistance and immediately wear off after an accidental chemical spill on the grout sealed by water-based sealers. Caponi passes this experiment and remains intact when an accidental spill of chemical is done on the grout lines sealed by Caponi.
The purpose of grout lines is to join two tiles. When tiles are joined with water-based sealers, there is a greater possibility of them coming loose and getting damaged. This leads to recurrent restoring costs. When you use Caponi to seal the grout lines, it also acts as a strong adhesive that joins the two tiles properly and does not let them come loose.
Grout lines sealed by water-based sealers do not show greater resistance to water absorption. As water absorption is more, they end up causing more mold and mildew at the root level and also beneath the sealant. Caponi offers maximum resistance to water absorption and hence no mold or mildew development.
When you try to clean the superfluous stains and mold on grout sealed with water-based sealers, they easily wear off with regular house-hold cleaners, leaving the grout vulnerable again. When you try to maintain a grout sealed with Caponi, regular maintenance cleaners will not damage the top sealant coat and hence keep the sealant intact.
Water-based sealers are not very resistant to water absorption and this leads to grout cracking due to more water content in their pores. When you seal grout with Caponi, you do not face the issue of grout cracking because there is no water absorption and your grout lines are very dry below the sealant coat.
Water-based sealers do not give good or lasting results when used in floors of showers, steam rooms or pools. Caponi gives excellent results when used on the floors of pools, showers, and steam rooms.
Water-based sealers form a very thin layer on the grout lines that easily wear off and hence are not useful. Caponi bonds sanded or unsanded grout with a 4 mil thickness, thereby creating a very tough barrier.
Water-based sealers have no pigment or solvent. Moreover, they do not offer long-lasting protection against water. Caponi is a 2-part pigmented solvent sealer that is based on a 1285psi titanium adhesion. It forms a strong seal on the grout lines.

Below is a detailed comparison chart showing the difference between Caponi and Water-Based Sealers.

Comparison between Caponi and Water Based Sealers:

Caponi is a pigmented solvent-based grout sealer, while water-based grout sealers are generally clear and also have no solvent. Here is a comparison chart between the two that is also mentioned on our pFOkUS website.

Caponi 2-Part Titanium Solvent ResinEpoxy VS Competitors Water Base Epoxy & Acrylic Grout Sealers


What are the consequences of using a grout sealer and avoiding one?

A grout sealer acts as a preventive/protective barrier that forms a layer on the grout lines, thereby preventing them from absorbing dirty water, stains, acidic spills or dirt to get deeper inside their pores, causing deep-rooted staining. It also keeps the surface beautiful, clean and hygienic for long. A pigmented solvent-based grout sealer such as Caponi repels oil and water-based stains.

Moreover, if you don’t seal grout, the porous surface gets vulnerable to such spills, absorbs them quickly and develops deep-rooted stains.

When should grout sealer be applied?

A grout sealer should be applied immediately after making a new floor or restoring an old one. Moreover, it should be applied after you have deep-cleaned the existing grout lines and let them dry completely. Besides, there is no need to clean a newly installed grout and you can apply a grout sealer on new grout lines once they have dried completely.

Does sealing grout make it waterproof?

pfokus caponi - pool grout sealer

The basic purpose of a sealant is to make the surface waterproof. When you use acrylic or water-based grout sealer, the waterproofing is very temporary and also, soon gets worn off with regular surface cleaners. Furthermore, when you use a titanium-based solvent cleaner, you can get permanent waterproofing results on your grout.

Caponi can be used on what kind of grout?

pFOkUS Caponi solvent-based grout sealer can be used on all kinds of grout such as sanded or unsanded grout.

caponi -epoxy grout sealer - sanded and non sanded


All these details and information about Caponi prove the fact that it is the best pigmented solvent-based grout sealer available on the market. So, if you have newly installed your flooring, it is wise to get grout sealing done by Caponi. D’Sapone – one of the leading restoration service providers in the US. Furthermore, they also offer a 5 -year labor warranty on Caponi application.


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