Tile and Grout Cleaning Brush

Get a cleaning boost with a
V-notched grout brush.

pFOkUS introduces new technologies that improve the most important functions of a grout cleaning brush. From re-engineering how the grout brush swivels to unleashing the full power of the V-notched bristles, it’s all central to today’s cleaning experience.
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A Grout Cleaning Brush with V-Notched Bristles for Cleaning Deep Stains, Debris, & Mold

The quality behind the grout brush.

With the rising popularity of tile flooring, a new industry standard arrives in the cleaning industry — a high-quality tile and grout cleaning brush with durability that can hold up to concrete. At 10” long with 1.5” bristles, this grout brush is sure to clean and agitate all grout lines removing the deepest stains.
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Swiveled Tile Grout Brush with Chemical Resistant Bristles
Grout Brush Designed for All Kinds of Standard Poles

Put any standard pole
into the threads.

Creating threads was our first thought not an afterthought. All standard poles will thread into the grout brush, from broom poles to paint roller poles. With the stainless steel screw which strengthens the pivot point, now more pressure can be applied when scrubbing the grout.

Easy to use. Easy To love.

The idea behind one grout brush rather than multiple has never wavered – to create the perfect experience. Restore your tile flooring today, to the fullest without compromise.

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Easy to Use Grout Cleaning Brush for a Better Cleaning Experience

Questions about tile and grout brush?
We have answers.

Are the grout brush bristles chemical resistant?

Yes, the grout bristles hold up to all acidic and alkaline cleaners.

Can I use the handle from my broom stick?

Yes. The threads on the grout cleaning brush are intended for standard poles.

Is the screw in the grout brush steel?

No. The tile grout brush screw is stainless steel and will not rust.

Will the grout brush bristles hurt my stone?

No. The bristles were designed to use on marble, travertine and all natural stones. Try our Imperia deep cleaner, which is used on all types of stone, grout, and tile.
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Tile and Grout Brush for All your Cleaning Needs


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