Give Re-Birth to your Floor Tile and Grout on this Easter with our Revolutionary Products

SEO pFOkUS, March 25, 2021

Festivals are a time when friends and family gather to enjoy some delicious meals and merry-making. One such festival is Easter. It reminds us of chocolate bunnies and decorated Easter Eggs. It also signifies a promise of resurrection. As we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ and hope to restore our lives, let us begin with a simple act of restoring our home surfaces too. Any act of restoration gives one happiness, be it home restoration. This Easter, delve into rejuvenating your home surfaces and also making them shine like new. Our substantial range of floor tile grout cleaning products will help you in the procedure.

This Easter Achieve a Clean Surface Using pFOkUS Floor Tile Grout Cleaning Product

Floor tile grout wears off if not properly sealed. You might find stains, missing grout, and also chips and cracks on your tile surface. Your surfaces can be restored like new by using our tile and grout cleaning products and you need not bear the expenses of getting them changed or freshly installed. Our revolutionary products have been designed after years of experience in the laboratories by passionate scientists. pFOkUS – a prominent restoration product manufacturing company has been passionately helping home and commercial complexes owners to maintain their surfaces effortlessly.

Let us take a sneak peek into our immaculate products, which will help you revive your floor grout and tile this festive season.

pFOkUS Wholesale Floor Tile Grout Cleaning Products

Floor Tile Grout Deep Cleaner :

Often floor tile grout get greasy, stained, and molded. To help you clean these ugly stains from the root, we have designed an immaculate floor tile grout cleaner- Imperia Deep Clean, which can eliminate all the dirt in just one go. As promising as it sounds, this robust and heavy-duty cleaner is a deep-soaking liquid, which penetrates into the pores of tile grout and detaches deep-rooted stains and mold from the pores, resulting in a thoroughly sanitized and fresh surface. Imperia Deep Clean is also alkaline in nature. Moreover, its high PH balance does not cause etching on the surface.


High Quality Grout Sealer :

Another feather to our crown is our incredible epoxy grout sealer – Caponi, which is a two-part titanium pigmented epoxy resin sealer. It forms a protective layer on the grout in just one coat. It never peels off from the surface and is not bulky like other sealers. Furthermore, Caponi is available in more than 40 colors, which can be matched to your tile color. It is also the only shower-approved grout sealer.


Excellent Shower Caulk Substitute :

Others may call it a high-quality epoxy resin filler, but we like to call it a caulk remover. With the help of Sentura, we have helped to abolish the traditional practice of caulking shower corners completely. Caulking was not a permanent solution and we always wanted to come up with something that delivers a permanent seal on the shower corners. Furthermore, caulk tends to crack or peel off and so we invented Sentura – a 2-part flexible epoxy resin adhesive. It is built on a 1200psi adhesion and never pops from the surface. Sentura can be pigmented with Caponi to match your grout color. Sentura can also be used for filling cracks and holes in grout and tile. It renders a seamless repair job with its natural and sleek appearance.


Natural Stone Sealer :

Our star product – Celine is a clear topical solvent-based stone grout sealer, which creates a hydrophobic layer on the stone and grout surface, thereby preventing the passage of liquids and moisture inside its pores. Natural stone and grout are porous and because of the porosity, they tend to absorb moisture and food spills, leading to mold breeding and staining. Celine delivers a waterproof surface on stone and grout, thereby preserving their integrity forever. Moreover, Celine imparts a very sleek and natural appearance to your surfaces, while adding a slight sheen. It is also not bulky like other sealers.


Floor Tile and Grout Maintenance Cleaner :

As pFOkUS is forever dedicated to making your cleaning jobs easier and effortless, we devised an efficient tile and grout cleaner – Imperia Maintenance Cleaner, which is also a fresh cleaner. It can be used on a weekly basis to clean the superficial stains and dirt accumulated on your tile, thereby helping you to maintain and care for your surfaces without much effort.


Our revolutionary line of home improvement products will help you give re-birth to your floor. Grab our wholesale cleaning products just before Easter approaches and enhance the beauty of your flooring so that your guests won’t stop praising you over your perfect home maintenance skills!

Wish you and all your loved ones a very Happy Easter!


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