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With so many hard surface restoration products available on the market, you often get confused as to which ones to buy. Many companies out there show engaging advertisements compelling us to buy their products. But only later you realize that you are not satisfied with the results. D’Sapone – a paramount tile, stone, glass, brick and grout restoration company has been in the industry for 16 years now. Since its inception, it has been a loyal customer of pFOkUS restoration products for their D’Sapone restoration service.

When this restoration giant believes only in pFOkUS products, then there must be something credible about them. In this article below, we shall see some before and after images of areas where D’Sapone performed restoration using pFOkUS products.

shower, the tile and stone restoration - pFOkUS

As you can see in the above images of a shower, the tile and stone have completely got discolored and stained. You can find mold growth at the corners and the grout is also missing in some places. The entire tile surface looks dull and yellowy. A normal contractor would have suggested redoing the entire flooring to give your shower a makeover. But D’Sapone suggested restoration at half the cost.

See the shower images after a D’Sapone Restoration Service has been done on the same area. The grout looks new and immaculate. The stains and mold have disappeared. The tile now shines with renewed lustre. This shower restoration has given a completely new look to the old and dirty shower. Their services are highly-sought after across the US. Some people do try the Do-It-Yourself way, but none can beat their professional results.

tile, grout and stone restoration - pFOkUS| D'Sapone

D’Sapone Restoration Service

D’Sapone performs tile, grout and stone restoration in a step-by-step procedure, which is described below.

Cleaning the Surface Using a Strong Cleaner:

Cleaning the Surface Using a Strong Cleaner - Imperia Deep Clean - pFOkUS

For cleaning tile and grout, they use pFOkUS’s Imperia Deep Clean  – a high quality product which cleans and sanitizes the surface and at the same time knocks off the stains, mold and mildew at the root level. All kinds of tiles like ceramic, porcelain and natural stone get stained easily owing to food and liquid spillage. All these tough stains can be eliminated using Imperia Deep Clean  which cleans, preps and sanitizes the surface. It is a much preferred product for tile and grout cleaning, better than acidic cleaners, as it is very gentle on the surface.

Repairing Damaged Tile, Stone and Grout Using a Powerful Adhesive:

They  perform tile and grout repair with Sentura – a two part pigmented flexible solvent based epoxy/resin, formulated with a 1200psi adhesion, which protects the surface from further cracks. It can also be pigmented in over 40 colors to deliver that natural look on your floor, countertop and in your shower. Repairing cracked stone tile and grout is best done by Sentura because it never pops from the surface and does not give a bulky look.

Sealing Grout:

Sealing grout with Impactful Grout Sealers - Caponi - pFOkUS

After cleaning grout and tile, they coat all the grout lines with a high quality grout sealer, preventing further stains. They use Caponi – a two part pigmented titanium solvent epoxy/resin grout sealer which waterproofs all the grout lines while soaking deep into the surface preventing them from allowing the absorption of liquids. Caponi is available  in more than 40 different colors to suit your needs. It can be also be color matched with Sentura to repair grout.

Sealing Tile with an Impactful Sealer:

After performing grout sealing, they next concentrate on sealing the tile. They use pFOkUS products like Celine which is a clear topical solvent based resin epoxy sealant. This sealer forms a hydrophobic layer on the surface, thereby making it waterproof. Celine waterproofs natural stone and leaves it with a sheen. This sealant is also not bulky like other topical sealers available on the market. It leaves your surface looking natural and new. Celine can also seal grout, but D’Sapone prefers Caponi to protect joints as it is specially designed for grout and allows D’Sapone to offer a 5 year labor warranty.

Sealing Stone with Impactful Sealers - Celine - pFOkUS

Stone Polishing :

Their artists bring back the lost sheen on your surfaces with our clear topical solvent based product – Celine, which coats the sealer and the tile at the same time to deliver that long lasting sheen. They perform both stone honing and polishing to impart a matte finish or a glossy finish respectively, as per your requirement.

All these detailed and step-by-step procedures are patented by D’Sapone. Their artists are highly trained and experienced in carrying out the D’Sapone Restoration Service. They also offer a 5 year labor warranty on their services. They were so impressed by pFOkUS products during their first use that they agreed to explain their services in detail to us.

Today, pFOkUS is highly obliged to be working with D’Sapone. We cherish their association and look forward to many more. If you need to get commercial and residential restoration done, then do not delay in contacting them to get long-lasting results. If you want to purchase our products, then do browse our website www.pFOkUS.com for more information.


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