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The Coronavirus outbreak has taken a deadly toll on the entire world. The disease is rapidly spreading its wings all over and the only way to safeguard yourself from this pandemic is to stay at home and be safe. But we do need to go out to buy basic essentials like food and medicines. As you step out, it is tough to interpret how the germs of this disease might be lurking on your body or the things you purchase. The epidemic has now taken a form of community transmission in most nations. Therefore, while you stay at home, you also need to ensure that your home surfaces do not get infected with COVID-19. Here are some quick tips on how you can remove coronavirus germs from your tile, grout and glass surfaces.

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How can the Germs get on your Home Surfaces?

  • It is natural for a person to step out to buy essentials like food and medicines in this lockdown period.
  • COVID-19 germs are said to remain active on hard surfaces like metal, tile, wall, plastic etc for a few hours.
  • An infected person might unknowingly tough these infected surfaces and transmit the germs to his own home surfaces on returning, putting the safety of his family in jeopardy.
  • When an uninfected family member touches these surfaces touched by a carrier person, the germs enter his body too, and this is how the infection spreads.

How to Ensure the Safety of your Family from Coronavirus?

  • The only way to remove coronavirus from your homes is by thorough home surface sanitizing.
  • You will need the right products for your hard surfaces such as floorings, walls, tile, grout and glass.
  • Once you step out to buy essentials, you should immediately go for a bath on returning.
  • You should wash the clothes you have worn outside.
  • You should even wipe your phone, car keys, etc with a sanitizer to prevent the spreading of germs.
  • Keep a sanitizer near your home entrance so that you sanitize your hands properly before entering home.
  • Always wear a mask when you step outside.

How to Ensure the Safety of your Children from Coronavirus?

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  • If you have toddlers or little children at home, then you cannot prevent them from crawling on the floor or touching glass and other home surfaces.
  • You should use high-quality sanitizing products to ensure that these areas of your home do not have any germs.
  • Do not fall prey to duplicate or low-quality products.
    Keep children at home and do not take them out until this epidemic is cleared completely.

Quick Guide for Maintenance of your Homes Against Covid-19:

For your family’s health and safety, you can use pFOkUS tile and grout cleaning products. These products have been specially manufactured in laboratories after years of extensive research. Let us see how pFOkUS cleaners can help you remove coronavirus from your home surfaces:

Imperia Deep Clean:

This deep-penetrating cleaner helps in eliminating mold, mildew and rigid stains. Moreover, because of it’s deep-soaking formula, you need not worry about COVID-19 germs penetrating deep into your porous grout and natural stone tile surfaces. This alkaline cleaner soaks inside the pores and knocks off the germs and stains at the root level. If any germs have managed to seep in your surfaces, they can easily spread by touch. To ensure your family’s health and safety, you should clean your floorings, tile, bathtub, shower areas, walls and glass surfaces with Imperia Deep Clean.


Imperia Maintenance:

Just as we are advised to use a hand sanitizer to prevent spread of germs from our hands to our mouths, our maintenance cleaner kills germ breeding on your surfaces to some extent. It protects your surfaces and also removes the superficial stains, dirt or mold.



For proper maintenance of your homes, glass cleaning is also essential. You might have glass shelves and glass shower doors at home. These can also prove to be coronavirus germ carriers. Get rid of any possible germs and dirt from these surfaces using Benaz. Our powerful glass surface cleaner will help you remove coronavirus germs and other filth from your surfaces revealing a sparkling surface below.


Valore Maintenance:

An infected person who has just stepped out of the house might unknowingly touch the shower glass door at home. When an uninfected person touches this shower door, the COVID-19 germs spread easily. You can ensure that this does not happen by cleaning your glass doors with our glass maintenance cleaner – Valore Maintenance. It acts as a fresh cleaner that helps in removing all possible germs from the surface along with superficial dirt and stains.
pFOkUS Products Assist In Bringing Health and Hygiene to your Homes


pFOkUS products are good partners for you in your fight against COVID-19. Grab our product range today and do not allow germs to settle on your home surfaces.


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