Unbelievable Benefits of Using pFOkUS Products and Hiring D’Sapone Services

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When cleanliness and restoration become your passion, you end up being the best in your league. D’Sapone has taken cleanliness and restoration to the next level with its undefying passion for perfection. D’Sapone – one of the leading stone, tile, grout, brick, tub and glass restoration service providers in the US has given a new definition to hard surface restoration and have raised the bar for other similar companies offering the same services.

Following lead, pFOkUS – a paramount stone, tile, grout, brick, tub and glass restoration products manufacturing company in the US, established a few years later. We joined hands with D’Sapone and signed an exclusive deal. D’Sapone uses only our products to perform their restoration services.

pFOkUS & D'Sapone

This amalgamation and association proved to be an icing on the cake for D’Sapone, whose services are considered as one of the best in the country. For those who want to perform restoration themselves, consider purchasing our premium-quality products. Our products are not only purchased by home or commercial complex owners, but even by other restoration service providers in bulk quantities.

There are many benefits of using pFOkUS products and hiring D’Sapone services. We will not shy away from letting you know in detail why we are the best in the industry. Reading the unbelievable benefits of using pFOkUS products or hiring D’Sapone services, will help you make an informed decision for your surface restorations.

Unbelievable Benefits of Hiring D’Sapone Services:

D'Sapone - Travertine Stone Restoration Service

  • Patented Procedures:

D’Sapone has patented its hard surface restoration procedures because they knew they had nailed the procedures. For any stone, tile, glass, tub or brick cleanliness, repair or sealing services, their procedures delivered the best results. You can expect all kinds of dense and stubborn stains vanish from your showers, floorings, counters, glass surfaces or walls. Such is the technology and science-backed approach they utilize for surface restorations.

  • Premium-Quality Products:

D’Sapone only uses premium-quality products for its restoration services. These products are manufactured by pFOkUS. When you perform cleaning, sealing, repairing or polishing procedures with high-class products in a proper way, you are bound to get success. After trying and testing various products from different companies, D’Sapone ended their search at pFOkUS. They were very satisfied with the quality and compositions of the products.

Grout cleaning service - using pFOkUS product

  • 5-Years Labor Warranty:

When D’Sapone performs grout sealing, caulk replacement or tile grout sealing, they offer a 5-year labor warranty to the customers. They are so confident of their procedures and outcomes, that they are ready to give a warranty for 5 years for their labor. They are so sure of their services and patented procedures that they give a guarantee for 5 years after the service. Which other restoration company gives such a big warranty? This itself speaks volumes of their quality and service.

  • Highly-Trained Artists:

D’Sapone has not only patented its procedures, but they have trained their artists really well. Each expert from their team has the eye for detail and knack for performing tile, grout, stone, brick, glass and tub restoration in the perfect way. They are recruited in the team after a thorough training and examination and so, every team member is well-experienced and has the required technical know-how.

Dsapone- Highly-Trained Artists

  • Patience, Perfection and Passion in Every Task:

Along with patented procedures, premium-quality products and proper training, what D’Sapone has extra is the X factor. That extra passionate approach towards perfection, customer ethics, work ethics, and a passion in restoration is what makes them stand out. Customers have always felt at-ease with their artists and they have managed to maintain a loyal fan-following too. Customers who once have got their surfaces restored by D’Sapone do not easily leave their side to hunt for another company.

Unbelievable Benefits of Using pFOkUS Products:

pFOkUS Affliate

  • Science-Backed Product Development:

pFOkUS products are manufactured after years of research in the laboratories. A team of scientists dedicatedly invented these products to give the desired results. Each and every product available in the pFOkUS product range is carefully curated to give justice to the nature of the surface it is supposed to be used upon. We are very clear with the ingredients and compositions. We do not trick our customers in buying acidic chemicals that will destroy their hard surfaces forever. Our products are science-backed and different products are used for different kinds of surfaces.

Easter Home Cleaning Guide - pFOkUS

  • Detailed Instructions with Videos:

For those customers who purchase our products to perform do-it-yourself procedures, we have detailed instructions and directions mentioned at the back of the containers and also on our websites. We also have clear videos showing how to use the products and the instant results. This makes it easy for the customers to use our products.

  • FAQs:

Below every product, we have mentioned some Frequently-Asked-Questions. We also keep upgrading these questions as and when our customers come up with them. These are simple questions regarding our products that can further help you know more about their usage. With these FAQs, we ensure that our customers get a clear idea about every product.

  • Long-Lasting Results:

We do not make products that give temporary results. We only aspire to make products that will make our customers free from surface restorations for long. Our products like Caponi and Sentura give really long results as they never pop off the surface once applied. D’Sapone is so impressed with our products, that it gives a service warranty.

  • Products for the Smallest Requirement in Restoration:

While performing restoration, we are aware that extra build-up occurs. To help our customers clean this build-up, we offer Alco – our paint thinner. We are also aware of the other not-so-famous problems arising in showers that customers really get frustrated to deal with. One such product is our efflorescence remover – Zido. You do not easily find an efflorescence remover on the market. When it comes to shower, floor, glass and countertop restoration, we have looked into each aspect of the common problems faced for these surfaces and have manufactured products required to treat each issue.

ZIdo-Shower Efflorescence remover

  • Tools for Performing Restoration:

When we mention attention to detail, we even mean the smallest tools a customer needs to perform restoration. When removing old glass enclosures and replacing with new ones purchased from our website, we educate our customers to wipe the glass door really well before installing the new enclosure. For this, we sell a glass wipe that delivers exceptional clarity and cleanliness to your glass surfaces. Similarly, we have grout brushes, paint brushes and other such tools for all kinds of restoration jobs.


  • Free Estimates and Expert Tips:

Our customers can send us photos of damaged surfaces if they are unsure what enclosures to buy.  Sometimes, the gap between the ground and the door is too large, and we suggest they buy a threshold instead of a sweep. When they send us their pictures with the measurements, our experts advice them on the right product choice. We also give them a free estimate of the restoration cost when they send us pictures of their damaged floorings, counters or showers. We educate them on the required restoration jobs, so they have a clear idea on the current position of their surfaces. This helps them take an informed decision.


  • Protective Shipping:

When we ship our glass enclosures, we send them in proper packaging to avoid any kind of damage to the product. We always protect our shower glass enclosures even while shipping by packing them in crystal clear packaging for easy measurements. We send these products in 7 m plastic sleeves to prevent scratches and the powder coat finish during shipping. Our customers can buy our products online without any second thoughts.

pFOKUS shipping terms returns

There are ultimate benefits of using pFOkUS products and hiring D’Sapone services. We offer a one-shop stop solution for all your restoration needs. If you feel you can perform the restorations yourself, you can purchase the products from our website. Else, you can hire D’Sapone experts to perform the restoration for you.

So, do not think twice or seek any other company for your home or office restoration jobs. D’Sapone or pFOkUS are extremely happy to offer the very best to you.


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